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Forum posts for Very Quick Movie Reviews

Posted by bryan on Feb 25, 2005
Shaun of the Dead - Zombies + british humour = fuck yeah.

I can't think of another movie I've seen in the last two weeks. wow.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 25, 2005
The Motorcycle Diaries - the road trip which inspired Che Guevara to do what he did

Really nice, beautiful shots of South America, not preachy, and Gael Bernal Garcia is reason enough to see a movie.

Posted by kristian on Feb 25, 2005
Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Very stupid but very funny. It's pretty much what you would expect but a bit better. And Neil Patrick Harris' cameo is fantastic.

Posted by vivian on Feb 25, 2005
Kikujiro - Takeshi Kitano plays a big bad Yakuza guy [what else is new] that takes care of a cute little kid .. saw it a long time ago and it touched my heart and made me cry.

and then...
Posted by Katie on Feb 25, 2005
The Notebook.

Only valid on Valentine's Day.

But a surprisingly good movie. Not fantastic, but believable and who knew Ryan Gosling could be sexy?


And there are some decent sex scenes. Nudity without tons of boobies.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 25, 2005
Alien vs. Predator - Crap but okay for misc action movie.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse - All crap. Dear god bad. Seeing city hall blow up was cool though.
Appleseed - Anime. Visually beautiful. A cool blend of regular animation, and cgi. Story was pretty good.

Posted by mike on Feb 25, 2005
Chronicles of Riddick - Crap. Knew this going in, but thought "how bad could it be, I like action sequences". Action sequences were also CRAP. Call it artistic or whatever, they were CRAP.
Only good part:
Some guy: "What... are you going to kill me with your coffee cup?"
Riddick: "Tea cup..."
Some guy: "What?"
Riddick: "It's a tea cup... I'm going to kill you with my tea cup..."

Anchorman - Not good, possibly acceptable. Definitely not the level of funny I had hoped for...

Posted by bryan on Feb 25, 2005
Anchorman - Mike I 100% disagree with you.

I saw this a month or two back, but I'm mentioning it anyways...

Ichi the Killer -
A splatter film about EXTREEM sadists and masochists. An all around well done film, I don't recommend it to anyone though, just because of what recommending it would say about me as a person. If you think graphic rape/sexual assault scenes in most modern movies are too tame, this movie is for you. Don't expect to feel to good about the world for a solid two days afterwards.

My turn
Posted by pudding on Feb 26, 2005
Maria Full of Grace - pretty good movie... a bit slow at times and seemed short, but gives you a glimpse of the crazy shit people do for drugs & money.

I want/need a girl with a spanish accent.

I have to go with Mike on Anchorman. It was funny at times, but I think WF can do better... like his perforamnce in Old School.

cruelty, manipulation, meaninglessness
Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 26, 2005
i "heart" huckabys : a story about a pair of exsitential detectives and a handful of their clients

it is delicious, it is the things i think about but can't explain, i "heart" this movie!

Posted by rockfaerie on Feb 26, 2005
i agree on the notebook... i'm not really into that whole sappy love story bullshit, but this is really sweet and it's kind of touching and makes you go "i wish i could have a guy like that" (if you're a girl that is!)

i heart shaun of the dead, so so so good... british people are fucking awesome.... OI!!!

i haven't really had that much time to watch any other movies recently, so i guess that's all from me...


Tommy Boy
Posted by MDuffy on Mar 01, 2005
Tommy Boy - Ive seen a lot of movies but this one is AWESOME

"Did I hear a niner in there?"

what's that?
Posted by Hatful on Mar 02, 2005
SIDEWAYS: BAD. no other way around it. the humour is aimed at the lamest 40 somethings alive. and the plot is.. not worth it. only two movies i can think of have made me want to or actually leave the theatre and this was one of them. the other being
THE VILLAGE: M Night what's his fuck should be flogged. you can tell within the first ten or twenty minutes that they are in modern times hiding and the kids don't know it. also, acting, directing, wirting was unforgiveable.
DON'T TEMPT ME: funny/foreign/cute. gael and penelope, heaven/hell/earth. good times.
I HEART HUCKABEES: laura is right. go see. do it for lilly.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 21, 2005
Allright everyone, let's add more short movie reviews here!

SkyCaptain and the World of Tomorrow:
Bleh. Not so good.

Old Boy:
Cool idea, mediocre execution and film.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 22, 2005

You are seriously messed up in the head.

Sky Captain had: dinosaurs, rockets, hot girls with eyepatches, air pirates, transforming jets, robots, robot dinosaurs, ray guns and air fortresses.

And Old Boy is mediocre? OLD BOY? stay cool stay cool miguel.

Different strokes for different folks, different strokes for different folks, different strokes for different folks, different strokes for different folks, different strokes for.......

Posted by phduffy on Mar 22, 2005
Sky Captain had a crappy plot.
Maybe it was more of a kid's movie, hard to say.
I don't really think dinosaurs make a movie good. Air Pirates yes, but they didn't really have Air Pirates.

It was pretty.

And Old Boy... meh. Like I said, the idea was interesting, but the movie was too long, as it dragged at parts. And they telegraphed the ending.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 22, 2005
Oldboy - medicore?


<<< maybe some spoliers >>>

sure the ending was telegraphed.. i thought of it pretty early in the second act.. but i mean .. all i could think was .. "no he wouldn't do that... No .. they couldn't do that"

That just made it all the better when they did...

Posted by phduffy on Mar 22, 2005
Replace "mediocre" with "average"

Perhaps that will make you feel better.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 23, 2005
for alltogethernow and Miguel. Or anyone I guess.

Have you guys seen either the first or third movie in the Oldboy trilogy?

I'm wondering how they compare to Oldboy.
And what they're English names are.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 23, 2005

I wasn't aware that there was a trilogy for Oldboy. I think there are 3 movies that he made with similar themes, but they are not sequels, with totally different characters and settings. Maybe they grouped those as a "trilogy" of sorts.

Happiness for Mr. Vengeance is one of them, but I have yet to see it. Don't know about the other one.

oldboy what?
Posted by Katie on Mar 23, 2005
Why is it that there are so many movies, supposedly fantastic, that Miguel has seen and I haven't?

I know there is an answer.

Is this anime?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 23, 2005
It's Korean.

I thought it was pretty good. I kept guessing different endings, not sure when I finally guessed the right one, but don't think it really ruined anything for me.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 25, 2005
Oddly enough, one of my favourite reviewers from Salon just reviewed Old Boy.