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Forum posts for Possible Summer Fun take 2

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 19, 2005
What was our timeframe again? And are we ruling out cottages with showers etc?

I can see what can be had on manitoulin through family etc.

Posted by noodle on Feb 20, 2005
how long are we looking at? a week?
how many people can cabins up there hold? and what do they cost?

i know that cabins and lodges up in muskoka charge per person per night for accomadations in cabins...we don't need that junk...

fucking questions
Posted by fanoom on Feb 21, 2005
mid july to mid august. no we are not ruling out cottages with showers. But I want to be on water of some sort, so showers would be a bonus and not all that necessary. I need help in this, I'm not planning everyones vacation for them. And you're looking at 200 bucks per head for a one week period. That's based on the limited amount of searching I've done for this. Now you may have noticed that I asked for suggestions, not fucking questions. So please get involved in your vacation planning and suggest something, such as a cool place you camped as a kid, maybe an adventure that you took with some friends and would like to re-experience it again. But if you guys can't come up with anything I'll have to decide for you, and I swear if I hear any complaints (to me or behind my back) I will rip your head off.

Brandon had a very long and bad day today, he's going to take his frustration out on his punching bag now.

Camping & Cottages
Posted by noodle on Feb 21, 2005
I found out that Ontario Parks owns cottages at several parks throughout Ontario that you can rent for weeks at a time in the summer so really we shoudl first decide on the general area where we want to go...i suggest something thats not too much of a tour away...and then we can go from there into looking for cottages, camping etc...down by lake erie, bruce peninsula, muskoka, algonquin..those are our main options

Brandon and I talked about camping with tent trailers and spending 3 days at one place and then packing up and spending 3 days at another place for a bit of adventure/globetrotting....what does everyone think about that?

if you are bored at work or whatever and have some time browse around on there at different parks and see what they have to offer and post where you are interested in...the sooner we decide the better so we can move on with this

Whats a Yurt?
Posted by noodle on Feb 22, 2005
Several parks in Ontario have campsites which have Yurts on them.
A Yurt is a small little shack that sleeps 6 people, has electricity and a kitchen table and chairs in them...they also include a there are only around 10 parks that have them but I think it's something to consider if we opt out of the cottage/cabin idea

70 bucks a night...and not as rustic as camping

goo goo ka choo
Posted by mike on Feb 23, 2005
I have nothing really productive to add, but I am very interested.
I do not have a large amount of experience with actual camping (a night or two here and there). However I recall getting really drunk on a lawn chair in the middle of a river. That was good times. I move that we have some sort of body of water where lawn chairs may be placed for drinking purposes.

Posted by mike on Feb 23, 2005
... and straw hats.

Posted by fanoom on Feb 23, 2005
I like the Yurt idea, expecially if you can pitch a tent around there too. I really don't care about sleeping indoors, I'll sleep in a hammock for all I care.

What parks have those available? And again I say it, do we really need showers? Why not just wash yourself with some biodegradable soap in a lake or river or toilet?

Posted by noodle on Feb 23, 2005
Yurts are available in the following Parks in the following numbers:

Algonquin: (8) If you don't know where this is you're a dumb ass
Bon Echo: (2) Between Peterborough and Ottawa
MacGregor Point: (12) Outside Port Elgin
Pancake Bay (5) Outside Sault Ste. Marie
Pinery: (12) Around Grand Bend somewhere
Quetico (2) Outside Thunder Bay
Silent Lake: (6) Between Peterborough and Ottawa

remember for those of you who want showers/running water/flush toilets...pretty much all provincial parks have just might have to walk from your site to find them

if you would like to learn about the Yurts, go here:

Now there are also several Parks that have cottages/cabins

Rustic Cabins:
Bonnechere: (4)
Bon Echo: (1)

Backcountry Cabins:
Algonquin: (13)

Balsam Lake: (1)
Sandbanks: Jacques
Awenda: (1)
Sturgeon Bay: (4)

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 23, 2005
I wasn't saying I needed a shower, I was more wondering if you were specifically looking for something more rustic before I started calling relatives about cottages etc.