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Forum posts for help please

Posted by mike on Feb 01, 2005
Since noone else has anything to say, and I am such a helpful guy, here goes.

If I were going to purchase a record player I would get one with some sort of rotating table to put the record on, preferable with a spindle in the middle to keep the record centred.

I would also ensure that my purchase had a "needle" of some description (new technology may remove the need for a needle for all I know). I would want this "needle" to be attached to some sort of horizontally rotating bar to allow for actual playing of the record.

I would also find it desirable to have a record player with some sort of speaker assemblies that would attach to the player via wires of some description.

A player with all of the above (and some other complex internal shit) should allow for the sounds mysteriously trapped on the vinyl disks to be freed via the spinning action of the table in conjuction with the reading ability of the "needle" and the sound making of the speakers.

As far as price goes I would not spend more than $10000. At that point you could just purchase a car with a CD player.

Hope that was helpful. Well actually I guess that wasn't the point, but happy hunting. Now someone say something useful.

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 01, 2005
well my first question is:

"Why the hell do you want a record player?"

my second question is:

"Do you have a tuner which you can hook your record player up too?"

my third question is:

"Are you sure you want a record player, you know they have these new records that are small and can store hundreds of megs of data on them? Or even better you can buy these little boxes that store the songs in them magically and they can be released in any sequence you desire by just plugging in ear-phones or speakers."

my fourth question is:

"Why the hell do you want a record player?"

>>> Additional Warnings

When buying a record player these days make sure you aren't being sold a 'turntable' which are much more hideously expensive than a simple record player. In addition to that these 'turntables' automatically confer upon you the title of DJ. Now it was cool a few years ago to be a 'DJ' everyone was a 'DJ' . Shit in those days i read t-shirts that lead me to believe that The President, The Pope and even GOD were 'DJ's'

But now.. it's just not cool anymore. Most people who claim to be a 'DJ' can't even work their 'turntables' . The ones that can usually can only produce loud screeching sounds to which only the highest of 14 year olds can dance too.

>>> Your Help

Value Village usually has a large surplus of old crappy record players. Just grab one off the shelf and plug-er in. If the thing spins you are in business, you can even buy new needles for the most archaic record player. Be careful of buying an old one though, some of them will have connecters that don't work, or don't work WELL with standard RCA plugs.

If you are buying a new one i am sure that the lowest priced piece of crap made by Sorny or Crystal Home or <> will work just fine for your purposes......


Posted by vivian on Feb 01, 2005
..why do you want a record player

Posted by sarah on Feb 01, 2005
i have vinyl, i'd like to be able to listen to it. and majorty of bands are releasing new albums on vinyl. and i like the sound. and i just want a freaking record player.

end of story.

and thanks for your input mike it was amusing if nothing else. and trevor: thanks for bringing me out of the stone age little boxes that store songs in them?!!?! i'm shocked.

Posted by Hatful on Feb 06, 2005
so much music sounds much better on vinyl, and it is a great idea to buy a record player. anyone who knows music and loves it truly understands this..
problem is that high quality used record players (i found out after research) are at least $400. new ones... sooo much more, egad.
you can get dj record players.. turntables.. for cheaper, much cheaper, but they are not the same thing.
so don't do that.
look around kensington. it's a good start

one more thing..
Posted by Hatful on Feb 06, 2005
needles also cost a ridulous amount of money.
like $100 each or some such crazy bullshit.

Posted by sarah on Feb 06, 2005
someone understand where i am coming from.

i actually looked around a little bit and found some decent used ones for under 200 and needles actually cost anywhere from 50-100.

but thanks for the positive advice.

Posted by Hatful on Feb 07, 2005
you found one that cheap, BUY IT. that is sweet.
and buy extra needles now while you can and they are cheap also.