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Forum posts for Dilemma/New Category?

Posted by rockfaerie on Jan 30, 2005
willing to pay for it... name your price!

Posted by Miguel on Jan 30, 2005
I am watching season 1 of arrested development right now. Its so good it makes me cry with happiness.

Ive been hearing extremely good things about the Amy Sedaris series Strangers with Candy. Going to check it out for sure.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 30, 2005
I've got all three Seasons of Strangers with Candy.

Posted by kristian on Jan 31, 2005
Tell Zellers what don't want to spend an eternity in hell for a couple of DVDs, it's just not worth it. If you don't believe in hell, well then, you will have to pay back in karma or be reincarnated as a toilet seat or something. Nobody likes a theif Paul. Doesn't your mom read this? She wont be mad, she'd just be disappointed.

Oh yeah
Posted by kristian on Jan 31, 2005
and sure, add the new category.

Posted by Katie on Jan 31, 2005
so let me get this straight.

You mistakenly get an extra copy of a DVD, consider telling the truth, consider making money off of it from a giant corporation .

Then you settle on profiting from this by having YOUR FRIENDS obstensibly buy it from you through a trade?

Nice. In a bad way.

Cat name
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 31, 2005
What is the proposed name for this new category?

Posted by mike on Jan 31, 2005
I have tried to utilize the webnet, but it's not working.
What the hell does "obstensibly" mean?

You could call the new category buy/sell/trade(/good times).

Steal the DVD, Paul. Smoke while you
Posted by bryan on Jan 31, 2005

Ostensibly >= apparently .

I really thought there was two b's in it too.

I really don't see anything wrong with Zellar's "gifting" you a DVD, as long as you pass the wealth along to me in the form of said DVD. I would settle for you giving it to someone whose dwelling I frequent so I can somehow benefit from it.

Posted by bryan on Jan 31, 2005
the new section should be called:

Bargain Harolds
Giant Tiger
all of the above.

I like
Posted by phduffy on Feb 01, 2005
Bargain Harolds

and Questions and Queries is good too.

I asked what to do here about the DVD because I wans't sure.

Posted by vivian on Feb 01, 2005
"Bargain Harolds" ?

was this a common discount/honest ed's type place, way back in the day? there was a basement discount store in some sketchy strip mall in scarborough that was named bargain harolds.. it is where i got my pink doll with no face when i was like 4 years old.. which i still have btw...

also: my friend once ordered some art books from for me when he was getting stuff for himself.. accidentally, they sent him two copies of all the art books that i ordered [about $100CDN].. he called Amazon and at first, they told him they'd send a postage paid box for him to ship the extra stuff back in..

then they emailed him back and told him just to keep the extra stuff; basically, it would cost them more to get it returned/restocked than for him just to keep it

so yea