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Forum posts for Two Very Quick Reviews

life aquatic.
Posted by bryan on Jan 27, 2005
the life aquatic is quite possibly the best movie i've seen in a year, and my favourite of the wes anderson flicks. There were several times I laughed out loud, and I don't think William Dafoe was underused at all. Dafoe was like tasty spices spread over a succulent breast of chicken, delivering some of the funniest lines in the movie.

You seem like a good man Paul, but you are wrong.

meh to beauty
Posted by rockfaerie on Jan 27, 2005
that's today's society ... the word 'beautiful' is overrated... there's so many defininitions and all of them contradict each other... it's disgusting... but topher grace is hot so i'm gonna go see that movie!!!! lol

but but but...
Posted by phduffy on Jan 28, 2005
I didn't even say bad things about the life Aquatic!
I said it was worth seeing.

look asshole.
Posted by bryan on Jan 28, 2005
no buts.

now have a drink.