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Forum posts for Road Hockey 2004

I vote Yes
Posted by pudding on Jan 24, 2005
I would like to play more... it is a lot of fun... but maybe we can mix up the sports and play things that aren't so physically taxing... as I kknow quite a few of us were hurting for several days afterwards.

But we shoudl try to set up 2-3 road hockey games during the winter, and possibly paintball? in the summer?

Posted by noodle on Jan 24, 2005
hockey this year was kick ass...definitely something we need to do more...without the slush...and the pain....but plus more beer...and less running = fantastic!

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 24, 2005
What you all needed was more amaretto. It made the playing experience much warmer.

I will however admit I was one of those that hurt for a straight week afterwards.

I love how the first half of the pictures are us just standing there. The ones of the goalies are especially nice.

We gotta get some baseball going in the summer I think. Horrible to watch, fun to play.