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Forum posts for Won't somebody please think of the children!

USA and this type of shit
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 24, 2005

That's an article about the nudity in the Olympic opening ceremonies this year. And about how the FCC apparently described it as lewd... they had 9 complaints on their website. 3.9 billion people watched it. 9 complained.

Fuck. Off.

I've also read that 95% of all this type of criticism in the states is created by one christian group. I forget what it's called.

That 1 small group censors all the tv in the US is ridiculous. The networks/FCC needs to get a little backbone and not capitulate to just any stupid, "OMG!!!1111 He said boobies, and then pointed to said boobies, and they weren't quite covered enough to satisfy my values system of decency!!!"

Stuff like this is what makes me hate religion.
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 24, 2005
How the fuck does watching a show with a gay character promote gayness anyhow? Children are going to see that, and want to be gay?? Is that their reasoning?

So then, when I watch The X-men, won't expose to bad guys on the show make me bad?

Maybe women shouldn't be on Tv either, I might see them and want to be them.

Do these people realize how fucking stupid they seem to the rest of the world? Or are they really so blinded by their faith that they can't make a logical argument?

I know!
Posted by weberm1 on Jan 24, 2005
I'm with you Pete.

And really, the majority of children that watch the show will not think of Spongebob as a homosexual, and probably have no idea what homosexuals are.

what exactly makes these crazy people think he's gay? because he wears tight pants? maybe he's stuck in the 80's. or is it the fact that he hangs out with other guys. dear god, no male on earth does that unless they're gay.

so fucking narrow minded. ridiculous.

people need to stop looking for scapegoats. shit, if my parents were like that i would be gay just to spite them.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 24, 2005
What the fuck is wrong with Americans and Christians!

They're all so fucking narrow minded!

Not all of them.
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 24, 2005
It just disgusts me that what appears to be a very small minority of their crazies affect so much of what the entire nation does.

Like...that a couple of these small groups effects these changes is what gives the country as a whole this image of religions ridiculousness.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 24, 2005
the dumbest thing is the video they are refering too...

they only decide to single out Spongebob, not any of the other characters/tv shows that are also featured in the video, that are also wildly popular with children and their parents...

shit could you see them saying that Sesame Street is promoting a 'Gay Agenda'


Paul exactly what is your post insinuating?
that we are being just as narrow minded as Mr. Dobson?

could you actually defend a position like his?
or do you believe that there is a valid point being made by these groups that hate titties and gays so damn much... are you one of the believers in the gay conspiracy? do jews also control all the world markets and media?
should i get my tinfoil hat ready now in order to avoid becoming a gay?

Christ i can't understand how they can hate naked women.. but at the same time be anti-gay.. you'd think that would have to be an either/or situation.. heh

i heart religious fanaticism
Posted by rockfaerie on Jan 24, 2005
that's awesome... and tinky winky was the shit, in all his sexually frustrated purple glory!

Dirty Choda and the Filthy Kasifs
Posted by phduffy on Jan 25, 2005
I was just fucking around.

Oh Yeah
Posted by phduffy on Jan 25, 2005
If homo's don't live in pineapples under the sea, I don't want to be straight!*

*No, I'm not quite sure what the hell I mean.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 25, 2005
rudolph from the christmas was gay too. one giant gay metaphor..

the island of misfits, jack coming out of the box (closet?), an elf that wants to be a dentist?

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 25, 2005
i do remember hearing rumors about ernie and bert a few years ago

Everything is bullshit
Posted by kristian on Jan 25, 2005
I agree with the point that kids don't know what gay is. And I guess that is the Gay Conspiracy theorists point, that they won't know that there is anything "wrong" with it, they will start these behaviours themselves, and before you know it, they're staying up to watch Showcase Monday nights at 10pm (which if you have never checked out, you definitely should).

How can anyone be against a video that's purpose is to promote tolerance of other people? "No Billy, I don't want you to watch that hippie video, next thing you know you will want to hang out with Jewish kids, Asian kids, and maybe even that kid that has two dads...don't you realize how obviously evil and wrong those kids are!"

It is so sad that adults portray their ignorance and hatred onto children so that these ideals are continuously passed on.

I suppose it is also sad that we get so riled up when one ignorant American makes an outrageously ignorant comment...I am an optimist and refuse to believe that this dude represents a majority of people. If he does, we are in some serious trouble.

Doubtful kids care
Posted by mike on Jan 25, 2005
I think the creator of Spongebob summed it up pretty good when he said that he thinks of all of the characters on the show as being asexual. I am pretty sure that that is the goal of most writers for childrens programming. Childrens programming in general seems to me to be free from sexual messages one way or the other. Among the reasons for this is that kids don't generally understand or much care about sex, they are too worried about cooties and so forth. If you are gearing a show towards kids, adding sexual content is not going to get you more children viewers, I don't think anyway...

Also, when a character is portrayed as asexual it is my opinion that they come off as being kind of feminine, which I suppose some could construe as being stereotypically gay. It is a classic case of overthinking things (something I view myself as being something of an expert at). If you think hard enough about something (usually an abstract concept or a topic with limited information) you can usually draw a multitude of conflicting conclusions/ideas, and not a single one of them may be correct.

I would have to say that Spongebob seems kind of feminine. But what does that have to do with anything? I don't know a hell of a lot about it, but I would imagine that gay people of either sex can be gay or straight regardless of whether they act more feminine or masculine, seems like stereotyping to me.

Gay cartoons under fire everywhere!!!
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 26, 2005

Blarg, education, schmeducation.