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Forum posts for Miguel's Top 10 for 2004!

Nit Pick
Posted by phduffy on Jan 05, 2005
Fog of War is a 2003 movie, not 2004. It actually won the Oscar for best documentary last year.

Other than that small nitpick, interesting list.
(I think you have to add Hotel Rwanda to your list of must see movies... and maybe Million Dollar Baby... hell, we could be here all day doing this I guess, so forget that.... also there's one other one that they talk about with sideways... fuck, I don't remember the name.. Undertow maybe?)

Anyways, I'll probably post a top 10 list in April or so, when I've finally seen enough of these movies to make a decent list.

Posted by Miguel on Jan 06, 2005
Is hotel Rwanda considered a 2004 or 2005 movie? I know it played at the film festival to crazy good reviews, but when was it released theatrically here? doesnt have it playing untill tomorrow.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 06, 2005
Good question.

imdb has it listed as a 2004 movie, and i think he was nominated for a golden globe

Who knows, wait till Oscar season I guess.