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Forum posts for Review of Ocean's 12

Posted by Beth on Dec 21, 2004
Well maybe thats a bit harsh. But I was sorely disapointed in this movie.

It seemed to me that all that was included in this movie was set ups to plot twists that occured over and over again... so much so that I never really felt like I knew what was going on... Admittedly, I am often confused in movies where there is a plot I really have to think about (eg Mullholland Drive)... Usually in blockbuster movies such as this there is little to nothing one has to think of to understand the plot.

Other than the superb eye candy and scenery shots of italy and amsterdam in this movie... there is nothing worth the $13 price of a movie ticket.

stay home and rent it... or better yet....... for your needed dosage of Julia Roberts and hot costars... spent the $13 and GO SEE CLOSER! The best movie I have seen in years.