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Forum posts for Road Hockey

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 15, 2004
road hockey... anytime

i am home from the 21st to the 1st or 2nd
i won't be around on the 26th but besides that it's wide open...

I'm lame. Literally.
Posted by mike on Dec 15, 2004
I would like to play/drink, but I am thinking that I won't be able to play much beyond net, or I suppose permanent cherry-picker.

. . .
Posted by crux on Dec 16, 2004
i'm 'IN' as well, and lame. i think we're looking at the 29th or 30th. probably have to do some grandparent stuff at some point, but i definitely want to play.

Posted by fanoom on Dec 16, 2004
I'm in also, and I believe Matt is too, but I need to know the exact day so I can tell my dad what afternoon I need off.... 30th is perhaps the best so that way I can get right tanked....

In the pursuit of holiday drinking
Posted by Nerhael on Dec 17, 2004
I'd say go with the 30th then.

Anyone object?

Posted by vivian on Dec 17, 2004
i'd like to watch.

i can hold beers and valuables and cigarettes and lighters

and maybe take pictures/video? of people sucking


The Greatest Game on Earth
Posted by noodle on Dec 26, 2004
i'll be there

i say we sell the TV rights to the loclal cable station...people are wicked desperate for hockey...and we can be damn entertaining....remember the year that it was so icey that no one could stand even when sober?...or the multiple bloody noses?

it's comedy, drama and sports all rolled into one...