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Forum posts for top 5

I'm not Bryan but here's my two centzz
Posted by Miguel on Dec 09, 2004
1. Animal Collective - Sung tongs

2. Dizzee Rascal - Showtime

3. Diplo - Florida

4. Streets - A grand dont come for free

5. Chromeo - Shes in Control

6. Kanye West - College Drop out

7. Loretta Lynn- Oregon Rose

8. The 213 album whatever its called

9. Leslie Feist's new album

10. Dj Caps and Pandamoneum- Bouillabase

Haven't Heard MF Doom and MadLibs album called Maddub, but if I had, it would probably be number one.

Posted by sarah on Dec 10, 2004
that's ten cents! not two. and not top five. but good choices none the less.
with the exception of feist ... i just can't get into that album. it's too adult contemporary for me.
the loretta lynn - golden!

top 5
Posted by bryan on Dec 10, 2004
in no particular order:

Apostle of of hustle - folkloric feel
arcade fire - funeral
hayden - elk lake serenade
Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse
Modest Mouse - Good News for people who love bad news

so hard

If I could include EP's I would probably have to bump modest mouse for controller.controller.

Posted by bryan on Dec 10, 2004


Posted by Nerhael on Dec 10, 2004
I'll have to point that out to my brother. I'm too lazy to work it out, so I leave it to him.

I don't know about the year, but albums I've been listening to too much lately are:

Pinback - Summer in Abaddon
The Stars - Set yourself on fire
The Delgados - Universal Audio
The Music - Welcome to the north

There's another one, but can't say I've listened to it alone enough to gauge my reaction to overall album.

Posted by sarah on Dec 12, 2004
i can't pick a top five for the past year. i've tried. just can't do it.
so my top 5ish at the moment are (in no order):

matt mays - s/t
iron and wine - the creek drank the cradle
nikola sarcevic - lock-sport-krock
badly drawn boy - one plus one is one
neil young - greatest hits
wilco - ghost is born
the streets - grand don't come for free
john lennon - acoustic

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 13, 2004
I had lost my modest mouse albums. I forgot which computer they were on, and recenlty remembered where they might be, and sure enough there they were.

Have been listening to Good News for people who love bad news while working for the last little while, (office is wonderfully empty), and it's making me happy.

Thanks for reminding me about the album.

Paul's Top 5 for 2004!
Posted by phduffy on Dec 14, 2004
My top five albums of the year:

Queens of the Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

Guns N Roses - Greatest Hits

Johnny Cash - Live at Folsom Prison

Pearl Jam - That live album they released this year. Not as good as Live On Two Legs, but I lost that one.

Pink Floyd - Greatest Hits - in truth, this probably only needed to be one album to satisfy my tastes, but whatever.

Honourable mention - Weezer - The Green Album

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 14, 2004
wilco - a ghost is born
the nels cline singers - the giant pin
pj harvey -uh huh her
yeah yeah yeahs - fever to tell
hayden - elk lake serenade