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Forum posts for My Newspaper...

Posted by bryan on Dec 06, 2004
Congratulations Trevor.

You seem to have a talent for finding jobs that sound amazingly cool.


Posted by sarah on Dec 07, 2004
i have a friend that writes for exclaim and is a journalism student. i will ask him if he is interested and give him your contact information.

congrats trev!

also guys...
Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 08, 2004
here's another issue i have run into during meetings today...
we must incorperate our new business before february...
and to do so we need something very basic...
something all businesses shouldn't be without...

a name

yeah our company doesn't have a name, so i would like to open the table to suggestions...
our company will run the newspaper and several other businesses related to the English Language industry...

The name doesn't have to be something to do with 'English' as our company will eventually expand beyond those boundaries and do work for other industries as well....

if you have any ideas (even retarded ones) post them here
and i will do the same.. so you can critique my ideas..


What about
Posted by mike on Dec 09, 2004
Trevor's Company.

That way if you ever end up answering the phone you can be all like:
"Trevor's Company, Trevor speaking.", and people will know they are talking to the man in charge.


Speak Right English
Which I think is amusing becaus that ain't right English. I don't think...