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Forum posts for Stereo Equipment

Posted by phduffy on Nov 26, 2004
I know nothing about this.


I do know that when I went to Bay Bloor Radio, they blew my fucking mind with some of their stuff.

I'm guessing that you don't want to spend > 3 grand on something, but they've got a huge range of stuff, and, they actually know what they're talking about.
Which is nice.

You could go there, talk to someone, then go to Best Buy or something.

Or just buy it from them.

Posted by mike on Nov 26, 2004
Remember to buy a quality brand name like:

Posted by ishamael on Nov 27, 2004
Hey Boss...

This is an expensive feature in general, with the key having independant source selection, and is basically divided into seperate categories:

Many receivers under a grand offer pre-amp outs for audio, so You can watch 7.1 movies in the main room, and have a signal running to another room. However, this signal needs to be either amplified, or hooked up to self powered speakers.

Failing that, If you add about another 500+, you can have speaker level outputs.

For a good price, I suggest Sony's STRDA5000ES, which clocks in with an MSRP of 2k cdn. This gives you a second zone audio AND video, and a third zone of just audio. In addition, you may want to look into IR repeaters so people can control their AV from other zones.

In terms of your general questions - you want at least 100 watts of power by 5 into 8 ohms. The above mentioned receiver offers you 170 by 7, which is fantastic. Also an excellent frequency response, from 10hz to 50khz. Sony receivers usually have a high distortion, .6% in this case. This is usually never an issue, unless you're an audiophile with a collection of SACD's. Never the less, as much as i'm a sony boy, Hardon Kardon and Denon have better receivers on the market, but sony's flagship model offers you 200 watts, and only .15% distortion, at a cool 6000 dollars (denon's higher end break 10k canadian)

For me, one of the most important functions is switching: Let's say you have an Xbox, a DVD player, and a PVR, all using S-video outputs. You can run them to your receiver, and run a single S-video output to your TV. This way, when you switch a component, you don't need to change the TV input. Very handy.

When using HD-component inputs however, many receivers have only one set of inputs. Make sure you get at least 2 component inputs, for your DVD and a nice PVR down the road. 3 would be nice, but's only on the higher end models.

Aside from that, anything you spend over 700 on will have all the latest features, so don't worry about signal-processing or decoding formats. Just make sure you have DTS as well as dolby ,which is pretty well universal.

Price wise - check ouit the STRDA3000ES at only 1500. It has dual room audio/video, and is a capable amp at .6% distortion and 150 watts.

Posted by alltogethernow on Nov 28, 2004
who the fuck are you?

answer me now... don't wait for the translation

Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2004
lord of the flies

don't you know anything about anything?

Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2004
Ishmael is obviously one of Nerhael's subservients. See how he called him boss?

Nerhael, being a neo-crypto facist, belives in multiple levels of humanity. At the top of said scale, we have the uber humans, like him. And probably me, but not you. (Aside: please pronouce uber like you would imagine Arnold pronouncing it in Kindergarden Cop).

Just below the uber humans are what we call Meta humans. This would be most of the posters on the wolfshack. Like, you can interact with the ubers, and actually have some advantages in that you're more adaptable. But never forget that you're not uber.

Once we get below the Metas, we have 3 seperate, yet equal, subservient classes, who's primary existence is to interact with the Metas, and to serve the ubers. Ishmael fits into one of these categories, which is why he helped out Nerhael - it was his duty. He's a member of the Randians, who have all actually been training since birth to help out ubers.

Neo-Randians, on the other hand, are birthed from baby incubators, and never know their mothers. Or fathers I guess. They're genetically altered,and come out of the incubators at the age of 10. They then have a year to stay with their 'hive', at which point they must set out on their famous 2 year pilgramage, the 'schand'.

The third and final group, the Regressives, are what happens when Randians and Neo-Randians have children. Of course, no other cross group birthings are possible, as as ubers and the Randian sects can't have children (although they can have sex, it's merely that their coupling will never lead to children), and the genitals of Metas and Randians and Neo-Randians are incompatible.

Anyways, the Regressives are brought up as normal children by their parents, until their 16th birthday, at which point they're given a packpack, a compass, and a weapon (usually a net). At this point they're turned loose in a giant park, and must survive for 48 hours. They are, of course, hunted down by their parents during this time. Any parent that can sucesfully hunt and kill their own child gets great prestige.

So, that's where this is coming from.
Now, I'm not saying I believe all this, but it sure gives you something to think about.

what everyone really needs to know
Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2004
the genitals of Metas and Randians and Neo-Randians are incompatible.

can meta and randian males have anal sex with neo-randians?

what about vice versa?


Now you're being silly.
Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2004
Everyone knows that Neo-Randians don't have an anus.

Homosexual relations are possible between Metas and Randians, this obviously won't lead to children though.

Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2004

you still haven't answered all of my questions...


Posted by phduffy on Nov 28, 2004
I had a longer post, concerning the various genitalia, documenting the hoover like vaginas, the 'teeth' in some of the vaginas, I detailed how at times inserting the penis causes it to shrink, and be shot out of the male's anus, but I thought that might be a little too graphic.

that was indeed too graphic.
Posted by bryan on Nov 28, 2004
you win this round, clerks.