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Forum posts for *props*

The word
Posted by MDuffy on Oct 31, 2004
thank you is two words

Posted by Nerhael on Oct 31, 2004
You beat me to it.

Would like to add my thanks to Sarah's.

Party was the most fun I'd had in a long time. Good times, good times indeed.

Posted by Numinous on Oct 31, 2004
I was going to post my thanks to you four as well....
not only for the party.... but for putting up with me for the 30+ hours I was at the party for...... but I wont, because its an unspoken love that runs deeper then any words could even hope to express
I will however say thank you to everyone that came out and made this a great night all around. Much love to you all.

Posted by Miguel on Oct 31, 2004
Drunkest I've been in quite a while!!!

Simply awesome party. You guys are the best!!

I love exclamation marks!!!!!

Thank you!

: (
Posted by cosmicfish on Nov 01, 2004
i am almost in tears because i couldn't come.

seth, have you taken pictures you are going to post?

my turn
Posted by weberm1 on Nov 01, 2004
yes, thank you four for letting me pass out at your place and throwing a good party.
From what i remember, it was a damn good time.

I would also like to apologize for apparently locking a bunch of you out of the bathroom? don't recall, but that's the word.

p.s. i feel like an idiot.

Schaus, how are the shoulders, because mine are bruised! being a robot is not an easy task.

shoulder report:
Posted by Numinous on Nov 01, 2004
purple... and very sore.

being a robot is hard work... I'm not sure I'm cut out for it...
does that make a robot more of a man then me...?
I wonder.... that cant be good.

meh, fuck it. We will see who the "man" is when the zombies come.

Posted by vivian on Nov 01, 2004
thank you all for the *cough* "props".. :)

we're all glad everyone had a good time..

laura: we're sorry you couldn't make it.. next time for sure.. ? seth only took like 3 pictures.. and i think all of them feature james looking like a homeless dude, next to a robot. .. i think some of the students will email trev pics, so get him to post them .. there were a variety of costumes.. some were awesome, some were cop-outs, some were non-existent

melissa: it was seth/schaus that you locked out of the bathroom.. schaus slept over because he couldn't get to his jacket when he wanted to leave [he was too drunk to walk home afterwards haha], and seth slept with his contacts in because he couldn't get to the contact lens stuff in the bathroom [but really, he was too drunk to care] :P don't feel like an idiot.. nobody even knew you were in our room most the night.. i poured out the rest of your tequila rose sunday morning.. there was about a shot/shot and a half left..

miguel: i found your wire from your shoes by my computer when i was cleaning up..

schaus: i didn't even notice that you were here for 30+ hours until i read that.. my god.. you really are moving in slowly... first the spice rack, then the fog machine, then the robot........ what next?!!

FINALLY: did anyone [presumably female] leave a black Buffalo Sport hoodie here? it has a white/navy stripe across the chest.. if anyone else is missing anything from saturday, post and we'll look harder for it [that's the only thing we've recovered so far..... oh, and the zombie's keys on top of our fridge.. :P]

alright then!

it's mine!
Posted by weberm1 on Nov 02, 2004
Yeah, that is my hoodie. And I knew i left it there on Sunday but was too hungover/tired to care. I will have to come pick it up sometime soon, but the tequila rose will stay at home. :)