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Forum posts for Review of Infernal Affairs

Posted by vivian on Oct 30, 2004
"with a bunch of people you don't know" ?

speak for yourself, but i was familiar with Andy Lau ["lau dut wah" in cantonese] when i was pretty young.. i think my dad or brother have a few of his CDs kicking around.. and i had a huge crush on Sammi Cheng ["cheng sua mun"] when i was like 15..

etc etc

quick-quick.. slow
Posted by vivian on Oct 30, 2004
ps: i think it is so queer that they are remaking every single asian movie that is remotely good with white actors.

i was shocked to hear that they were remaking Shall We Dance which was such a pretty japanese movie.. i watched it years ago with my dad and brother .. heart warming.. richard gere is an idiot

also: someone has said that the Infernal Affairs sequels are good? we've tried renting them many times but they are always out when we are in..

Shall we dance
Posted by Nerhael on Oct 30, 2004
At a time that my memory refuses to divulge to me, I saw 'Shall we dance', and thought it was a damned good movie.

Seeing the ads for whatever the NA one is called, I was a little shocked. They totally destroyed the tone of the original movie and turned it into another "Haha" romantic comedy.

I personally feel like some tipping point was hit, where hollywood just flat out ran out of ideas, and started churning out sequal after sequal and using material that was already written. Feels like it started in the last 10 years, just can't quite pinpoint what it was exactly.

Posted by vivian on Nov 01, 2004
the North American one is called Shall We Dance too... it would've almost been better if that had just bought the script, rewrote most of it, and gave it another name.. i'd almost rather they presented it as 'original' than an EXACT COPY of something that already is awesome, just in a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE, with differently coloured actors...


it's kind of scary to think that an entire industry can just run out of ideas.. :

maybe if they weren't so concerned about making tons of money, they wouldn't keep making shitty sequels and prequels, just to rake it in.. and they'd start focusing on quality writing/directing/acting/cinematography

... but then again, why bother coming up with something original and fantastic when White Chicks 2 will sell just as well ... ? ugh