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Forum posts for Review of the Scar by China Mieville

Posted by vivian on Oct 14, 2004
good review paul

i really enjoyed Perdido Street Station, but i started reading King Rat and just couldn't get into it.. The Scar is sitting on a bookshelf somewhere and i'd bring it to school with me today, if it weren't for the fact it weighs a lot and my bookbag is already running at full capacity... i'll keep it in mind

King Rat
Posted by phduffy on Oct 14, 2004
Funny Story.
I actually own King Rat, but haven't read it. I don't really have a huge desire to read it now either. I want more of his Bas-Lag goodness, not his first novel fumblings.

Vivian, is it fair to say that you don't like fatnasy, or is that just your boyfriend?

Perdido Street Station
Posted by Miguel on Oct 14, 2004

Is incredible, it was one of the most original and refreshing works I read in a long time. Sometimes there are a little too many ideas and things being thrown at you, but you can't deny this guys talent. I devoured every page of his novel and just from characters and different lands presented in that one book, you could write 20 more. Steampunk artificial minds, falcon men, magic, gory action, hott human/sexy ant-creature sex, horror, mercenaries, giant robot gods...its all there.

Flabbergasting stuff.

Good review!

Speaking of...
Posted by phduffy on Oct 14, 2004
to many new ideas and stuff being thrown at you at once, that's how I felt during the first 100 pages of Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. I almost thought I'd have to give up on it, because there was so much insanity going on I didn't know if my feeble brain could handle it all.

Fortunately things calmed down.

Posted by vivian on Oct 14, 2004
well since you consider the Dark Tower series to be "fantasy" then yes, i like "fantasy"

but if you're talking about dragons/wizards/knights/magic and elves and shit, then NO... i have never really given that kind of fantasy a chance.. and don't really.. want to... [granted, the Dark Tower does have a wizard character, and monsters of sorts... and the gunslingers may be viewed as modern-day knights... and there is weird black magic....... .. .. . .....]

update: i've been out of the house for 6 hours and my bookbag now contains more stuff.. i was just walking back to class from tim horton's and my left arm started GOING NUMB from the weight :(

Posted by phduffy on Oct 14, 2004
I thought it was Perido, apparently it's Perdido.

Let's call the whole thing off.

Posted by phduffy on Oct 14, 2004
The Gunslinger is absolutely fantasy.

Being different than most fantasy doesn't make something not fantasy.

Sometimes you'll hear someone say that they like 1984, or the Handmaid's tale, or the Blind Assassin, Then they'll tell you that those books aren't SF.

This is nonsense. All of those books are clearly SF, and the only reason that people don't categorize them as such is because they look down on SF.

I sometimes think that happens with Fantasy. Someone will like Ray Bradbury or Neil Gaiman or Robertson Davies or Charles DeLint or whomever, then in the next breath say that they don't like fantasy, because it's all elves and castles and stuff like that.

Well, considering that you like Roberston Davies or the Gunslinger or whomever, then yes in fact, there is some fantasy that you like, and you can't dismiss it out of hand.

I'm trying to think of books I've read lately that have dragons. I can't, it's been along time. I think I'm pretty much done with that branch of fantasy. George RR Martin is probably the closest I come now, ... wait, there's dragons in that. Shit, he's really doing a good job if he can write good books that have dragons in them. Anyways, despite there being dragons, his stuff is mostly based on historical England, so there's little magic and no elfs or wizards or stuff like that. I guess Lyoness has some of that stuff, but it's quite different than the usual Tolkien rip off.

PS. Vivian, this isn't directed at your, or a criticism of you, just some things I've been thinking about the past few days.

Posted by Mona on Oct 15, 2004
Perdido means lost in Spanish
(perdida .. feminine)

The Iron Council
Posted by phduffy on Dec 05, 2004
was Mieville's next book.

I enjoyed it, but not as much as the Scar.