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Forum posts for me + painting

Posted by Miguel on Oct 07, 2004
I want on my (katie's) car: a hott chick with a gui-tar fighting Death like in space. And I want a spaceship in the background shooting lasers at everything.

And the spaceship has to be ON FIRE!!!111

Posted by alltogethernow on Oct 12, 2004
where are you going to base your company laura?
have you already thought about what kind of place you are going to rent?
painting cars and bikes is a seriously complex process.. especially if you are going to do it right...

but if you are looking to apprentice or at least learn the ins and outs of the car painting trade first i would call upon one of the many auto-body/painting places in hanover... i am sure one of them would let you watch and learn.. it IS hanover afterall...

also, be careful of paint fumes!
seriously.. my family's friend has some seriously fucked-up lungs from painting cars for years and years... same with developing pictures...

and as far as mural painting goes i would donate some of my time to the local elementary school/high school/day care....
and do some work for free...

everyone in small towns with money seems to also have children.. so a good idea to get your name known is to show off your skills in places many many people can see them.... (be sure the school makes a placard or lets you sign your name extra big.. lol)

well laura good luck and god speed...
with this latest endeavour..

OH.. about the name... i have no clue.. heh

re: alltogethernow
Posted by cosmicfish on Oct 14, 2004
i'm going to focus on murals and sending paintings to publishers maybe right now.
the brother of someone i know does car painting in orangeville so i think we are going to go down and talk to him. i know it is a lot to learn, i will try to get a job where i can learn somewhere before i actually can open my own place.
i already have donated a painting in the high school! it was in the paper, woo.
you are such a realist. i like it.

socrates ain't got nothin'
Posted by bryan on Oct 14, 2004
trevor's advice is life changing and sage-like.

Posted by Numinous on Oct 14, 2004
trevor's life changing sage-like advice is best taken with a great amount of luck.
that being said my advice to you laura is to take a blue shirt to work.
while on breaks, and while not fighting with dragon-lady.... change your red for blue and go hang out at the paint counter. Listen to Andy, the man knows his shit, he's one of the best. Hell try to get put into the paint counter. You will learn a hell of a lot about the things you want to use, different ways to do things, and not only that I think you would be very good at showing the "how to" of it. You like working with kids... in retail people are just like children... they have to be shown how to do everything...
You want to paint cars... Great... you want to paint walls... even Better!! Your a very creative person laura, and you will be very good at doing that. I know you laura, and I know the paint counter. I know you would be very good at showing people how do paint the kitchen, how stain the deck, how to change the house... hell why stop there.... YOU will change their LIVES!
You will create bonds with these people. You will show them the way. They will follow the path you have shown them. They will Return with Smiles and Thanks only for you.
All that being said, you would make connections. Where do people go when they want to paint a big ass picture on a wall?.... the hardware store, the paint counter....
and you.... you, will be on the frontline.