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Forum posts for Baseball...

Posted by Nerhael on Oct 06, 2004
That midget thing is kinda odd.

I love how no explanation for it is offered. Just, "He brought a midget to the game."

Posted by phduffy on Oct 12, 2004
Okay, this cracked me up. Particularly the comments about Derek Jeter, although I don't know if they'll make any sense if you don't follow baseball.

How to make money!
Posted by phduffy on Oct 14, 2004
Bet on the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series and do it now!

This is a sure fire way to take people's money. People are going to think that the Yankees have to win cause of their payroll, or that St. Louis is only up one game on Houston... BET ALL YOUR MONEY ON ST. LOUIS TO WIN THE WORLD SERIES. IF YOU CAN GET ODDS, EVEN BETTER!

Posted by phduffy on Oct 19, 2004
I hope no one made that bet....

Like I said...
Posted by phduffy on Oct 22, 2004
Bet on the Cardinals.

my highly anticipated World Series Predi
Posted by phduffy on Oct 22, 2004
Cardinals in 7.

This will be great, because the Red Sox will once again get crushed, but now the Yankees are also crushed. As George Steinbrenner goes insane and screws up the Yankees, the Red Sox will fall under the weight of their curse, setting up the 2006, 2007, and 2008 World Series Champions:

Your Toronto Blue Jays!