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Forum posts for Vintage Toronto

oh sweet lord beth...
Posted by alltogethernow on Sep 14, 2004
did you come to the right place...

to begin:

Queen West:

On Queen West there are quite a few "vintage" stores...
but in my opinion they now suck...
but if you enjoy printed T-shirts with a plethora of retarded shit on them:
- mr. t
- people with afros
- completely unofficial adidas
- 80's tv stars... (yes including hasselhoff)
- rock bands that people don't listen to/haven't heard of, yet say they do so that they can pretend to be "punk rockers"
then these places could be for you...

Black Market Vintage Clothing
319 Queen W Toronto (416) 591-7945
Alcatraz Vintage Clothing (now just called 'Alcatraz')
??? can't seem to find the address.. but it is just a little bit further west of Black Market...


Kensington Market

Where the aforementioned "vintage" stores do exist.. but they are joined by the much better Vintage stores..... and some pretty cool stores that sell clothing and accessories from Korea and Japan..
Which are at least fun to look at but usually to weird to actually wear...

Kensington Market is located one street west of Spadina off Dundas..
it's huge but don't bother driving there.. it is impossible to park and hard to drive with all the pedestrian traffic...

Bonus: In Kensington there is a bar called "The Kensington Terrace" and they allow weed smoking on their patio... so, light 'em if you've got 'em

Bonus, Bonus: Chinatown is right around the corner.. a prime picking ground for illegal knives and $7 DVD's... check out the malls if you have the time.. and grab one of those seriously delicious waffle things.. (thank you Miguel)

Those are the recommendations that come off the top of my head...
I am sure i am missing a few.. so Miguel, Jessica, Seth and Vivian toss in your 2 cents..

Posted by alltogethernow on Sep 14, 2004
i am such a noob html'er.. forgot to close the tag.. fix that pete?

Posted by vivian on Sep 15, 2004
"second hand clothing that is a step up style wise from Value Village...."

i resent that.. 70% of my wardrobe is from Value Village [and places worse than that, see below].. what exactly are you saying about my style?

I don't really know any second hand stores that are a step up from Value Village, but i sure as hell know one that is at least 6 steps down:

Goodwill Store: Buy the Pound
234 Adelaide St. E.
(416) 362-4710

i love this store... you go in, grab a clear garbage bag, and rummage your way throw dusty bins and piles of clothing... these clothes are not organized in any sort of fashion; they seem to be the clothes that the regular goodwill store doesn't even want to bother organizing/hanging up... once you fill your clear garbage bag with great finds, you haul it up to the cashier who weighs it; a pound of clothing = $2.

i made weekly trips to this place for a while when we lived at yonge/gerrard.

For the Children:
- sharp and rusty miscellaneous objects at the bottom of the bins that may cause lockjaw

- workers that look like ex-cons tossing unopened bags of clothes into the bins every hour or so when they are running low; patrons get to rip open said bags to reveal the treasures – a perverted christmas of sorts, with the santa claus of nightmares

- homeless people that WILL talk to you, possibly make racist comments, and will follow you around the store, but hopefully you can shake em before you reach home

Next door to the Buy the Pound is an actual Goodwill store. ..this Goodwill is extremely large and has an amazing book section upstairs [the science fiction bookcase alone is usually worth the trip]

the selection of clothing at this store actually isn't bad - it is less 80s than most Value Villages, and things are far more reasonably priced

the only other 'upscale' vintage clothing store i can think of that trev hasn't mentioned yet is

Planet Aid
546 Yonge Street
(416) 924-8928

I have never purchased anything from there, but the selection wasn't that bad.. a lot of blue jeans if memory serves me right.. and i think leather jackets.. i can't remember what the prices were like..

the place had a hipster kind of feel to it.. and i don't recall ever seeing or having to converse with any homeless people inside, which may or may not be a plus. .. it might not be worth the trip to yonge street, but if you're ever in the area [south of Wellesley] then maybe check it out...

and a final place you may want to shop is online

70% of my wardrobe is from Value Village/Goodwill
20% from the mall
10% of my wardrobe is from eBay

just browse what people have to offer, or search a certain style or colour.. it's incredible what you can find there.. and clothing is generally pretty cheap.. it's a risk because you can't be certain about the sizes, but if you ask a lot of questions, you can generally tell if something's going to fit you or not..

so yea.. i hope that helped a bit..

[i stay up to do homework, and this is how i spend my time? ugh, i'm going to bed]

good timing!
Posted by Katie on Sep 15, 2004
this weekend there is a huge clothing show at the CNE. Not all vintage, but there are definitely vintage booths there.

Now, they might be less along the lines of vintage pants and shirts, and more along the lines of old 1950's cocktail dresses and the like, but awesome nonetheless.

So for cool, funky vintage, it is the place to be this weekend.

I know I'll be there.

What have you done with Beth?
Posted by clanders on Oct 06, 2005
....did you say "Vintage" Clothing? Do you have a fever?