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Forum posts for Quote of the day for September 9, 2004

Posted by sarah on Sep 09, 2004
is it a bad sign that the night before school starts you cannot sleep and have to get up early for class and after a night of no sleep you drag your ass around the house in a sad attempt to get ready for your first day of school and after waiting for class to begin for 30 mins someone from the archaeology department walks in and tells you class has been cancelled.
*shakes fist*

then you have to wait around on campus for an hour and a half for your next class to begin, and you don't have anything to do because you finished reading your book while waiting for professor banning (the professor you hate most) and he doesn't even show!!!

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 10, 2004
Beautiful fall, a return to school, seeing all your friends again after being away for the summer. New books, new classes, new faces.

Good times.

Campus day: it's over.

(Glad you seem to have enjoyed your first day back.)