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Forum posts for Concert Alert

The Faint!
Posted by vivian on Sep 04, 2004
i want to go.. let me know if you are picking up tickets anytime soon..

Posted by sarah on Sep 09, 2004
i am in love with tv on the radio, but i think we all already know that.

pete i told you i would go with you, you were drunk when you asked me, and then we had a fight...but still....

i can get tickets anytime, seeing as i am the master of the tickets. hah, ok not funny.

but i am going to wait until they are almost sold out, because fab (label that tv on the radio are on) might be putting me on their guest list. and it might be plus one.

SO pete if you haven't already got a ticket you and vivian can duke it out over who wants to be my plus one.

or i might not get on the list at all, it's up in the air really.

and tickets are 17.50 plus service charge.

Posted by Nerhael on Sep 10, 2004
I disagree, it was kind of funny.

I had a fight with you? I'm pretty sure I remember asking you, I think I had you on the mental list of people that would be in.

Let Vivian be the +1, and so far, I think it's you two, myself, and Miguel that are interested.