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Forum posts for Free concerts are good concerts

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 19, 2004
You're offline.

I'll have to grab some of that when I see you online, as I can't find some of the stuff you mentioned earlier anywhere.

By the way, did you manage to get that code setup I sent you?

Posted by bryan on Aug 19, 2004
i installed and downloaded phpdev, but ive been swamped with work from my night school class... after next wednesday i should have a chance to get into gear...

thats odd, it says im online....

Posted by bryan on Aug 19, 2004
whats your id?

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 19, 2004
My user id is 'nerhael'

Holy fucking stupid
Posted by Nerhael on Aug 19, 2004
Okay, it copied the space after your user name when I cut and pasted it. Apparently they don't trim whitespace....blarg.

Redid it without the space and it's working.

Posted by sarah on Aug 21, 2004
oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!! jessie and duffy told me of this concert tonight but failed to remember any of the band names. broken social scene and jim for FREE?!!!! i neeeeed to go see some good music. i've had enough of arabic dance music.