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Forum posts for Not so dumb....

I'm so there.
Posted by Nerhael on Aug 17, 2004
I have to be up for like 8 the next morning for football, but I'm totally in.

Your message needs a title.
Posted by crux on Aug 17, 2004
friday night. drinking. sounds about right.

Sounds Fun
Posted by phduffy on Aug 17, 2004
I've actually been wanting to go to Pauper's all summer, but I have to take my car in on Saturday so I can't make it.

Posted by weberm1 on Aug 18, 2004
it will be fun. duffy, you have to take your car in on saturday? so, come friday night and leave early in the morning. you'll feel like crap, but watching my hot friends grab each others boobs all night will make it worth your while.

Posted by vivian on Aug 18, 2004
did somebody say boobs?!


Posted by Numinous on Aug 18, 2004
Well I dont know thats kinda far..........
oh fuck it I'm in.

Posted by weberm1 on Aug 18, 2004
glad to hear you are in Numinous, though i would have dragged you out since you are so close.
and vivian, i did say boobs. we are all very 'grabby' i guess you could say. now that i have your attention, you should come!

Posted by vivian on Aug 19, 2004
becky wants me to go to some gay punk/hardcore cd release party show for her gay ex boyfriend's shitty queer band on friday night.. :(

i am torn.. on the one hand it's grabby girls and boobies close to home, on the other it is SHITTY MUSIC AND STUPID PEOPLE AT THE 360..


how late do you think you guys will be there?

A gay punk band?
Posted by Miguel on Aug 19, 2004
Is it Pansy Division???///

let the record note that
Posted by Miguel on Aug 19, 2004

I do not believe there could ever be a better name for a punk band than PANSY DIVISION!

Posted by weberm1 on Aug 19, 2004
vivian, i think you should come out for boob grabbing. and it's funny because i like punk music and the 360, but i like boobs more.....we will be there pretty late, i think. but you could call pete's cell phone if unsure.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 20, 2004
What's the plan?

What time are you getting there?
HOw drunk will you be?
Do I walk East or WEst from the Subway Station to get there?