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Forum posts for Mods

Posted by phduffy on Aug 12, 2004
I don't know what you're talking about.

But if you could translate all 3 versions of Shining Force 3 and make them available via emulator, or better yet, build Gameboy Cartrides for them, it'd be cool.

dude i totally hear ya!
Posted by alltogethernow on Aug 12, 2004

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield Vietnam

Half Life 2 (whenever it is released, this company actually has a great history of accepting and promoting mods and skins to their original game. Counterstrike is a great example that came out of Half Life 1 and grew to become more popular than the original game)

Doom 3 (good luck getting the necessary code etc .. Id software is apparently a bunch of whores)

Keep checking the website i see job postings on there all the time.. they had a great position advertised awhile back but i think you were in england at the time...

Apparently Blizzard is having a split with Blizzard North and will be losing a lot of highly skilled people.. especially those surrounding Diablo and Diablo 2..

So i would also suggest that game..
Borrow it ... play it.. get a feel for what you are going to be working on.. because if you want to work in games a lot of these companies put a big emphasis on being BY GAMERS.. FOR GAMERS.. especially Blizzard...

Some longer shots would be some of the bigger more popular MMORPGS... City of Heros is one that is currently growing exponetially.. and of course there is Everquest.. and very soon Blizzard will be entering the market themselves with WOW (World of Warcraft)

Those are all just off the top of my head..
i can do some real research and get back to you...

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 13, 2004
mods are when people take a game and change the story, make new anmations, weapons, characters, etc.

the people who made the dessert combat mod for battlefield 1942 acttually got hired by the company who makes it. and i am awful because i don't know who they are, i must start studying (and by studyng i mean playing) games way more.

i don't think i can make cartridges for your gameboy, sorry.

doom 3 looks crazy! they have a high resolution mode!

Posted by phduffy on Aug 13, 2004
i don't think i can make cartridges for your gameboy, sorry.

Be alot cooler if you could.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 13, 2004
Mods for regular half life, as well as a few of the unreal's I believe are fairly common.

Can you do mods for Warcraft III? I'm trying to think if there's been hints of that in any of the UMS games.

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 14, 2004
i looked around a bit, it doesn't look like there are many mods for any rts games. to bad...

Posted by phduffy on Aug 17, 2004

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 17, 2004
Good find there Duffy.

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 17, 2004
yes, thanks paul. you are super. i will put your face into a game should i ever have the opportunity.