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Forum posts for aider moi s.v.p.*

Posted by MDuffy on Aug 09, 2004
Play guitar downtown,
Sell narcotics (weed, mushrooms, whatever),
Sell an organ on the black market,
Sell a body part,
Delivery driver,
Put together flyers at home

ummm... this may be obvious but....
Posted by alltogethernow on Aug 09, 2004

this may take awhile...

work hard..
work your ass off..

whatever you are doing it doesn't hurt...
you will move up... make more money...
have more responsibilities...

sometimes it sucks...
you may be doing something you absolutely hate...
take a job doing anything...
unless it's overly dangerous.. or too demeaning...

but if you want to support yourself..
pay off (some) huge debts etc....
i highly reccomend you get a full time and casual work...

it can be as easy as talking to anyone you know in order to get some work... move some heavy things for pauls mom...
mow someone's lawn..
get a paper route... (shit for those in the know it can be a living unto itself!... the lucky fools!)

sell drugs (i am surprised i reccomend this.. but...)
when in a pinch this can yield cash fast...
its very easy to buy in bulk and turnover 500 bucks..
but DANGEROUS... not only because it's illegal but because teenage punks now are getting pretty fucking stupid.. and with that stupidity comes potential violence... robbery etc...

basically get down and dirty for awhile..
do whatever you can ....
and if you are still screwed...
and can't pay the rent...
stay on schaus' or pothead's couch for a few months...

it's good for what ails ya... those men know how to turn a person from potentially homeless to a contributing member of society...

i don't know if it was the weed, the copious amounts of take-out, or the great company.. but it sure worked for me!

- GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo LAURA!

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 10, 2004
If you could get money fast, do you think we'd all be doing much beyond that?

You want work in what I believe is a very competitive field. You may not get your ideal job in the first round. Why? Because you have no experience at all.

This doesn't mean you should stop applying to those dream jobs; this means that you 'should' be applying to other jobs that will help you get valuable experience doing anything related to your field.

We can help in a lot of ways, but you're the one that has to get on that ladder to the top, and like most industries, there's a bottom step.

You have no professional experience yet, and you know what, you've been out of school for a while now, that's going to start hurting you. When people look over resume's, they discard them over sometimes fickle reasons, and lapses in employment like that would ring bells. You've got to get out there, and get started. With something.

I know you're fustrated in Hanover right now, but you're the only person that can get you out of there.

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 10, 2004
i only need a new power supply and more ram!! woo hoo!

i know it's going to be really hard to get into the business, super hard. that is why i want to make a fantastic portfolio. i'm frustrated because of computer problems, i don't care about how much i will make when i get a video game job, i just needed the money because i thought i might need a new motherboard, cpu, hard drive, etc.

and hanover is lovely, but i'm itching to be back in a city.