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Forum posts for Review of the Bourne Supremacy

Posted by vivian on Aug 07, 2004
i just saw this movie tonight.. good review paul..

i was surprised that julie stiles [aka save the last dance whore] could actually act.. there was one particular scene [you know the one] where she was really convincing..

i quite enjoyed this movie.. comparable to the first..

i didn't really enjoy the $15 movie ticket or whatever.. and also, to the lady in front of us who answered her cell phone and had a conversation during the movie: fuck you..

Posted by bryan on Aug 08, 2004
there was this one guy at spiderman 2 a few weeks ago who would explain every part to his girlfriend... really simple stuff too.

i wont tell you what he really said to keep from spoiling a sexcellent movie, but it was seriously this bad:

that gun, see, it shoots bullets. bullets hurt.
he's sad because she is with someone else
he's dieing because he got shot

anyways, i didnt get a good look at the guy, and i had planned on thanking him after the movie for the commentary, because i really wouldnt have got it without everything being explained. then when i actually saw the dude(he was definitely a dude), i decided that it just wasn't worth it.

he may have won in the theatre that day, not even knowing there was a battle taking place, but i win on the internet, the only place that matters.