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Forum posts for HTown

I believe
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 29, 2004
That I need a ticket to this street dance thing. Unless anyone out there bought an excess.

street dance
Posted by krys on Jul 29, 2004
i think that we should just get a total of people on friday night.. that way we won't leave anyone out..

i am sooo ready... woo.

dance tickets
Posted by Mona on Jul 29, 2004
the Saturday night dance is outside, beside the new park downtown. It's roped off but the park is right there so even if no one can get in (WHICH I DOUBT), there will be all kinds of people swarming around and the music will be right there and you can see each other, etc. It's about a 3 foot rope fence. Beer tent stuff.
If I can't get any (using my influence... HA !), then I suggest figuring out how many tickets will be wanted and getting 2 or 3 people to sit at Frankie's, have a drink or something and take turns waiting in the line ... ticket sales start at 4:00. Apparently the Legion Fish Fry was a sellout !
Imagine. Even the Shannon girls are here for it. I think lots of people are coming 'back' to 'the place to be'. So don't worry, but be prepared to wait in a line to buy tickets. Just need one warm body to stand there.

3 dances on Friday night... country at the coliseum
big band at the KofC hall
and old time rock and roll at the tent at "heritage square". I'm going to see if tickets are for sale for that one, but like I said, the park is public.
(Assuming none of you are interested in country or swing bands).

Donkey baseball anyone?

Posted by Mona on Jul 29, 2004
the Friday night thing is free.. with a beer tent. THey've sold 1250 tickets about for the XHale dance on the street Saturday night. So there will only
be 125 tickets for sale on Saturday at 4:00. I went and got tickets for me for the other dance that night and asked. The ticketsellers are telling everyone the same thing. Line up at 4:00 and tickets will be on sale for one hour only. Now I'm thinking maybe someone should get there at 2:30 or 3:00 to hold a place in line.
It IS a street dance so if you don't get in you can stil mingle and hear and see everything. Just can't drink on the street. Surely there's a way around that. If I knew anyone with a ticket I'd see what they look like to see if I could counterfeit them. But I don't have a coloured printer. Wonder what they're using for hand stamps.
(I'm not usually this nefarious).

Street Dance
Posted by Ophelia on Jul 29, 2004
If there are enough people that would like to attend the street dance on saturday, let me know, because I would be willing to go line up to try and get us some tickets.

So, please post here if you for sure want a ticket, no "maybe's", or "not sure's". I only want yes' or a no's to make things nice and simple for me ASAP!

Posted by phduffy on Jul 29, 2004
Why don't we figure this out Friday night?

Posted by Mona on Jul 29, 2004
Now they're telling people to line up at 3 o'clock. Tell you what, I'll
line up at 1:30. Someone can spell me off at 2:00. I don't mind coming back for 1/2 an hour later but I would like to get to the high school for a little bit. I'll take$100.. enough for 10 tickets. It's a matter of being at the beginning of the line because they only have 125 tickets left.
Again, it's not a HUGE disaster if you don't get in .. it's a street dance. The music will be everyone. The real thing to think about is where to drink
if you don't get in. You want it nearby because we have a very zealous police chief and lots of police. Somehow I don't think this will be too hard.
I know where there are a couple of flasks. Or even start here, go to Allen's .. and by the time you're downtown ... who cares?

Posted by Mona on Jul 29, 2004
they're on hot pink paper, black print. But they have a red circle with
a number in it. Easy to print on pink paper but the red circle could be tricky. Anyone know anything about how to transfer those hand stamps?
anyone got a collection? Wish I knew what colour they're using.
Not that I would ever do or condone doing such a thing. Just a thought.

i am with....
Posted by krys on Jul 30, 2004
paul on this one.. figuring out who is going, and getting their money sounds like a plan..

the one street dance i went to in hanover they had wrist bands.. and people were switching them with people outside when they were going home.. that's ONE sneaky way.. :>

everything will work out fine.. we'll be drunk one way or the other..

need help?
Posted by Katie on Jul 30, 2004
Hey Mona,

I just wanted to see if you would like me to bring or make anything for the weekend, seeing as I am staying at your house. Do you need a salad for the bbq or anything??

I would be more than happy to contribute.