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Forum posts for Don't tell me what the poets are doing...

im so vain...
Posted by bryan on Jul 26, 2004
i thought this post was about me...

anyways... fully completely or day for night are probably the best full representation of them i'm not too huge on em, due to the radio killing them to death..

The Hip sucks
Posted by fanoom on Jul 26, 2004
Well, if the hip represents Canada the best, I'm going to go shoot myself in the head. Why not get them to get The Guess Who or some other good band. The Hip, I'm going to go vomit now.

Posted by bryan on Jul 27, 2004
the guess who aren't good, with the exception of a handful of songs...

the hip
Posted by cosmicfish on Jul 27, 2004
are delicous - like a bucket of chicken, and delightful - like a trailer full of kitties

actually i don't really like cats, but the hip are pretty great

there are so many good canadian bands...

well, i think....
Posted by weberm1 on Jul 27, 2004
you should tell them about bryan adams. the man is a legend, and who can resist the summer of '69? i mean, really?

The Hip
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 27, 2004
I think what he wants mainly is a band that is undeniably canadian, that canadians listen to in large numbers, (You mentioned the Hip to a Canadian, it should be a sure thing they know who you're talking about), but that people outside of the country will likely have never heard of.

Bryan Adams I'm pretty sure is known across the border pretty well, but from what I've heard, the Hip are still virtually unknown.

I'd say the Tea Party are kinda like that as well, though more for our generation.

Posted by crux on Jul 27, 2004
Those were the best days of my life

Back in the summer of ’69

Fuck the hip
Posted by Miguel on Jul 28, 2004

Give them CHROMEO!

One Jewish dude and one Palestinian dude from Montreal making the most kickass tunes I've heard in a long time.