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Forum posts for Mega Man Anniversary Collection

mega 1
Posted by Palmer on Jul 22, 2004
Oh my God, this brings back memories...I had most of the Megamans' (until the SNES came out) and that included the first one. The first one was the most insane Mega Man ever...I would have never bought the second one if I had started with the first *was* as tough as Ninja Gaiden, although I do recall that I eventually beat Mega Man whereas I needed the Game Genie to finally beat Ninja Gaiden. The trick to those games were to find out the exact pattern of where to jump, shoot, do whatever in the level...heck, it's usually so impossible to find that pattern without dedicating every waking moment to it!

My only gripe about the collection is they didn't include the X series from SNES which brought Mega Man to another level.

X Series
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 22, 2004
I figure that they were trying to keep the two series seperate and distinct.

Their stories are pretty far apart, and involve a new cast of characters and the way Mega Man progresses through an X game with the blaster, helmet, boots, armour etc that you have to find is pretty different.

I'd hope that we could expect a Mega Man X Anniversary Collection sometime though.

History of MegaMan
Posted by phduffy on Jul 22, 2004
If you're interested in the story of Megaman and how the X series and the regular series mix, go here:

Complete history of Megaman. It's a good read.

Mega Man Legends
Posted by Nerhael on Jul 22, 2004
I seem to recall renting that or having the opportunity to play it at the least sometime. I also seem to remember not making much sense of the gameplay, and thinking it was a game that should never have been associated with the likes of the venerable Mega Man.

Anyone else try Legends or Legends 2?

Posted by Miguel on Jul 23, 2004
Yes, the less said about that experience...the better.

Its like in Starsky & Hutch, when Big Earl makes the detectives play the 2 dragons game.

It has to be burnt out of your memory.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 22, 2007
They inverted the fucking jump and shoot buttons, and didn't have the option to re-program the controls! What the fuck!

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 23, 2007
Wait, what? I just re-read that, don't see anything about button's being reversed.

We should...hrm....I'm gonna make a new post.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 23, 2007
I used to own the Gamecube one, that's how it was there. It was teh suck.