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Forum posts for Fact or Fiction? About the Election

Posted by phduffy on Jun 28, 2004
Check this out:

A thread of debate about the election.
Go there if you're interested.

2 Points
Posted by Miguel on Jun 29, 2004
Point the first: (In Ric Flair voice) WOOOOOOOOOOOO! This couldn't have come up better. A liberal minority that will probably have to ally with the NDP. The best possible outcome in my view for Canada.

Point the second: The conservatives have to be so so so pissed off. No matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, Quebec and to a lesser extent Ontario will just never let them have power. I HEART THIS COUNTRY!

Great little post duffy. But the fark link just pissed me off to no end. Lots of "GURR I WANT MY ELECTED OFFICIALS TO MAKE DA LAW NOT COURTS. LIBERULS ARE CONSPIRACY MONGERS HURR HURR."

Posted by phduffy on Jun 29, 2004
It's too bad that either the Liberals or NDP couldn't get one more seat.
That's all they'd need to have that majority. Now we'll have some weird moving government that probably won't last that long.

The Fark link did have lots of stupidity, but I thought there was lots of good info on there too. It's also good to see how other people are thinking. Sometimes you can get so trapped in your views that you don't realize what is actually happening. (See NDP supporters in Olivia Chow's riding, Conservatives in Kitchener, Liberals in Quebec)