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Forum posts for First Half Top 10

Posted by Palmer on Jun 22, 2004
Just saw Dodgeball last night...awesome. Pure hilarity. Stiller was reminiscient of his Zoolander schtick...which is great by me because I love Blue Steel (but not as much as Ferrarri).

Off the top of my head, I'm loving the uprising of some great wacky movies involving Will Farrell (Anchorman? Hella cool!), Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson (best duo ever), and Vince Vaughn (who seems to have found his calling in comedies? Remember him in Psycho? Ick.)

Vince Vaughan....
Posted by phduffy on Jun 22, 2004
is money baby!

He's so money!

Does anyone else read these lists of films by Miguel say "What the hell is he talking about?"
There's 5 movies on his list that I've never heard of, and two (Spartan and Dogville) that I've only heard about from him.
Where do they come from?
They ain't at my theatre or video store.

Oh Yeah...
Posted by phduffy on Jun 22, 2004
How was Van Helsing?


oh the joys....
Posted by Katie on Jun 22, 2004
of living with a movie freak.

Not only do I hear about these movies, I get the absolute joy of watching them as well.

However, let me point out that some (as in many) people might find "In my skin" deeply deeply disturbing. Therefore, if you are at all squeamish, DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE. You will be scarred for life. I am SO comfortable with blood and operations and other things like that (but even gorier), and I was scarred for weeks.

That's all. Just a friendly warning.

But seriously
Posted by phduffy on Jun 22, 2004
I've only seen two of these movies (Kill Bill and Eternal Sunshine) and they were both fantastic.

Posted by Miguel on Jun 23, 2004

Lilya 4-ever, Ong Bak and Dogville are the only three you can't get at your local Blockbuster or Rogers. Those I got at my friendly neighbourhood hipster video place.

Ong Bak I hear is coming sometime next year to the movies where it is absolutely going to freak people out with its sweetness.

Lilya is a festival favourite and should be coming to video stores in a while, same with Dogville

Posted by phduffy on Jun 23, 2004
You have told me lots of movies that I can get at Blockbuster that I can't.
See: Almost any Asian movie. (ie. Versus, which Blockbuster didn't have. Rogers had one copy). I seriously doubt that my local Rogers/Blockbuster have In my Skin, and they both suck hard at documentaries, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get In This World.
I imagine that they'd have Spartan though. And I'll look for raising Victor Vargas.

Posted by Miguel on Jun 23, 2004
Are some blockbusters better than others maybe?

I rented In my Skin, In this World and Raising Victor Vargas from my local one.

blockbusters = suck
Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 23, 2004
yeah the problem with blockbuster is that unlike rogers it heavily regulates the movies it decides to put on the shelf.. because you know as an adult you can't make those decisions for yourself...

they are a 'family orientated' video store.. thats why they don't have porn sections.. where you can still find these at select rogers outlets...

many of these movies me and miguel reccomend are available at most rogers video stores... the store that jessica works at is accumulating an impressive collection of asian cinema.. (and it's in the gaybourhood.. not anywhere near chinatown.. )..

and another problem with blockbuster is the fact that even if they have some of the movies we reccomend some of the more violent/sexual ones will be special 'blockbuster edits' with the more grotesque/hot scenes edited out... scumbags...

and dogville will be out in major video stores soon.. miguel has only seen it because our beloved suspect has illegal copies of many of it's movies.. those guys are great.... !

one more thing...
in most towns/cities there are always alternative video stores.. with the exception of places like hanover.. mississauga has:

Asia Video
888 Dundas Street East,
Mississauga, ON
L4Y 2B8

for all your asian video needs....
and of course about a million rogers outlets..
really just screw blockbuster altogether... those queers don't deserve your rental money... unless you are going for the 50 dollar unlimited game rental deal... which i anticipate them cancelling almost immediately... all the video gamers here will understand why this will never work in their favour... heh.. so jump on it while it's here...

Unlimited rental model
Posted by Nerhael on Jun 23, 2004
Please explain why you think they would ever cancel their unlimited rental model?

And what does 50 bucks get you? I can only find info on the US version, and it's 19.99/month, but think that's for only one game.

They have the exact same model as a few internet business, but they get to cut out the variable cost that those models have to deal with: Shipping. Which could very well screw you.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 23, 2004
ok so i can only find info on the american promotion ...
the blockbuster 'flip card'...

$49 dollars for unlimited rentals...
so perhaps this isn't coming to canada.. and if it did..
i would expect to see a higher price...

why it won't work:
what will happen is .. people will rent a game .. if they don't like it .. they will immediately bring it back and exchange for a new one...

also (from blockbusters website):

Your Flip Card membership allows you to rent one game at a time on your Flip Card membership (each, a “Flip Card rental”), for no additional charge other than the price of the Flip Card membership plus applicable taxes, so long as any Flip Card rental is returned to the store location where it was rented before the expiration of the Flip Card membership term.

if the game you rent is crappy you can immediately return it...
if the game you rent is good.. you can keep it for approx 3 months or 92 days.... this means that for people with or without the 'flip card'.. renting games at blockbuster wouldn't be an option due to the fact they will always have shitty selection...

in store this means... all the good games are out permanently..
and all the crappy games will always be there...

and if you think 'oh well their buyers will just get a lot of the good games....' think again..

at rogers and blockbuster i routinely see 10 + copies of shitty games, games that got shitty ratings everywhere... from gamespy to penny-arcade... (the newest tomb raider is a good example, jessica's rogers had approx 18 copies for each system) and then you have great games which they only have one or two copies of....

i swear their game buyers wouldn't know a good game if they saw one...
i mean shit.. how hard is it to look up a rating on a game.. and anticipate the need for multiple copies... isn't that their job?

blarg.. so anyways i am betting this thing won't work..
we'll see anyhow...

Posted by Nerhael on Jun 23, 2004
How is this at all different from the current rental model? Very few games take more than a week to finish. Especially if you're a kid with way too much time on your hands. So you figure people really only hold onto a game until they finish it. Then, it's returned, same as normal. other people still get that chance to jump in and get it.

Inventory would still be subject to the same laws of rotation. A kid would seldom sit on the same game for overly long, as they wouldnt' be using their membership right... if they keep one game for a month, just might as well have bought the game. Even a kid isn't stupid enough to do that. (I should hope)

New Edition 4 life
Posted by Miguel on Jun 24, 2004
Actually, in reply to alltogethernow's post, I talked to an employee of Blockbuster when I was renting In My Skin about whether they censor or not.

They said that they don't ever censor their own movies, and at the most they will only take in the more edited version of a movie (i.e no super uncersored director's cut). But they won't bring in certain movies that would just be too controversial. I.E no irreversible, no ken park (but they have kids) etc.

But still, I would always support an independent store over blockbuster anyways, but there is really nothing around my area.

ADDENDUM: Just watched The Fog of War, and would probably put it somewhere around my top 5. It's definitely a must see for anyone interested in history, politics or life itself. Robert Mcnamarra is 85 years old and still smarter than 98% of us. A brilliant movie, Nerhael I highly reccomend you watch it.

Rogers Video
Posted by phduffy on Jun 28, 2004
I went to Rogers Video on the weekend to see how many of the movies on Miguel's list they had.

They had:
2 copies of Spartan

And that's it.

As far as I can tell, Rogers is no better or worse than Blockbuster. Considering how many of these movies are available at Miguel's Blockbuster (which is ghetto), I'm not sure that Blockbuster isn't better.

However, Rogers had the highly overated Versus, while Blockbuster did not.

oooohhhh duffy what are you sayin' ?
Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 28, 2004
"Rogers had the highly overated Versus, while Blockbuster did not."

can you clairify that statement....?
is this one of your 'i don't really like it because other people do' things...
or did you really think it wasn't that good?

now granted.. it isn't any dr. strangelove... or citizen cane... but umm..
for an action movie it rapes the hell out of just about anything....

name 3 action movies better than it...
(crouching tiger is not an action movie.. really
neither is kill bill 1 or 2... )


Action Movies Better than Versus
Posted by phduffy on Jun 28, 2004
Die Hard
Die Hard 2: Die Harder
Die Hard 3: Die Hard with a Vengance
Terminator 1
Terminator 2
Terminator 3
X-Mex 2
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
Brotherhood of the Wolf
The Killer
Fight Club
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Mission Impossible
Mission Impossible 2
The Mask of Zorro
Once Upon a time in the West
Rocky IV
Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom
Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
True Lies
Under Siege
The Fugitive
Batman 2
Pitch Black
Pirates of the Caribbean
Mad Max
Ichi: The Killer
Dirty Harry
The Rock
Con Air
The Professional
Way of the Gun
Boondock Saints
Blade Runner

Okay, there's 50 action movies that are better. I'm sure they don't all fit your definition of action movie, but there's enough there that will fit your definition.

I wasn't aware that Versus had received a ton of hype.
My problems with Versus:

Poorly filmed action sequences. At the beginning of the movie we repeatedly see someone take a bunch at someone else, miss, and the other person falls down! The rest of the action ripped off the Matrix.

Terrible plot. Well, maybe that's not fair. It would be better to say that there's not plot. Maybe even less than Blade 2. The entire movie is one big fight, with cheesy plot points inserted to advance to the next fight.

Faux badness. OMG HE'S SO BAD HE CUT OFF THE GUARD'S ARM!!1!fanboy@!!@!@@!!!!!
Wow, he's so tough. Look how everyone stands around like peacocks, they are so tugh1`!!!

Idiotic comedic relief. For some reason the prison guards that chase them are added to the film, despite not actually adding anything except for stupidity.

Now, had the movie's plot not been so bad, I might have thought that the ending was cool. As it is, I just didn't buy it.

Now, there were some interesting fight scenes. I think I would probably give this movie a 4 or 5 out of 10.

Posted by Miguel on Jun 29, 2004
you've seen Ichi the Killer?

I have a hard time picturing you enjoying that movie. In fact, there is no way in hell you would like that movie. So you haven't seen it.

Posted by phduffy on Jun 29, 2004
I meant Shiri.

Sorry about that, I get my Korean films mixed up.

I've seen every other film on the list though. I didn't put anything on there I haven't seen, even if I thought it would be better than Versus. (See: Saving Private Ryan)

Posted by phduffy on Aug 03, 2004
I was going to post a review of Spartan, but I thought that perhaps we'd already discussed it.

Bottom line: I also liked it quite a bit. It's weird that I didn't hear about it at the show, and that it did no business there. Generally my rule is if I see a new release starring famous actors in a movie I've never heard of, watch out! Maybe there's a special Val Kilmer exception or something (see also: Salton Sea).

And it's never explicitily stated that he's looking for the president's daughter. That's a fair guess though.

Posted by Miguel on Aug 03, 2004
Glad you liked it!

Yeah, they never flat out say its the president's daughter, but you can pretty much infer it quickly if you're paying attention. I just love how much ass they can kick with impunity.

Watched Hellboy yesterday, pretty damn good. Dont know if it would crack my top ten though. Time to meditate.

let's clarify
Posted by Katie on Aug 04, 2004
I think that what you meant to say, instead of pretty damn good, is that you have lost your sense of movie appreciation, and that you no longer should be considered a somewhat decent movie critic.

Because there is no way HellBoy was pretty damn good.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 04, 2004
My main issue with Hellboy was the fact that they talk about how he's the perfect guy for the job right. I think it's mentioned several times actually.

However, in no way do they even attempt to explain why this is so. This seemed to me to be in some way a crucial plot device that would later come into play, but it never did, and I kept expecting it to right until the very end of the movie.