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Forum posts for Your thoughts on the upcoming election

Campaing Financing
Posted by phduffy on Jun 11, 2004
The rules about financing were recently changed.

If any party gets more than 2% of the national vote, they get $1.75 a year per vote to spend on research and stuff.

So, if you were to vote for one of the parties that was going to get a small percentage of the vote (but more than 2%) you wouldn't be throwing your vote away, you'd be helping them get ready for the next election.

Chinese Proverb
Posted by bigbirtha on Jun 13, 2004
Chinese man on Viagara have big election

I'm with you
Posted by Katie on Jun 14, 2004
the conservatives SUPER freak me out.

But if the rumours are true, they have a good chance of winning a minority government.

I don't want them to. I don't want them to more than I want my vote to go towards something I really believe in. And I don't know if I really believe in politicians all that much anyway.

Therefore my vote will be going to the liberals.

Please save us from S. Harper!

Scared in Toronto

Posted by phduffy on Jun 14, 2004
I am going to publically reveal who I'm voting for!

Even though I pretty much agree with most of what the Liberals stand for, the idea of just apointing nominees and stuff like that doesn't really sit well with me.

And I won't vote for the Conservatives because they seem to think that they can cut taxes and increase spending and not have deficits, which I think is retarded. Plus, they keep saying that the government wasted 1 billion on the HRDC thing and 2 billion on the gun registry, neither of which is true.

And I think my feelings about Jack Layton are well known. I will never vote for a party that has Jack in it. Plus, I think the NDP is clueless, and would lead us straight to high tax, high deficit, high unemployment land.

So what's left?

Go Green baby.
I'm not 100% decided, but I am strongly leaning towards the Green Party this election.

As for the question of strategic voting to keep away Harper, realize that it looks like we're going to get a minority government. Now, the fewer parties you have the easier a minority is to maintain. Like, if there's only 3 parties you can make it for a while. If there's 4 parties it becomes harder. What are the Bloc and the Conservatives going to agree on?
Basically we're going to have Prime Minister Harper for anywhere from 4 months to 2 years, at which point we'll have another election. This will lead to the Liberals returning to power, unless the Conservatives do a great job, in which case we'll get a Conservative majority.

The thing that I find the most depressing about the election is that it's being decided by the Bloc. This means that the Liberals are the only party that has to spend their time, money and energy campaigning everywhere, as the Conservatives and NDP don't need to waste their time in Quebec. So the seperatist party is going to decide the election.
Boo to that.

blarg. really.
Posted by Hatful on Jun 14, 2004
we're spiralling downwards as a race right?
harper is just like bush from what i understand (not that i know much), maybe we should just stop putting off the inevitable, and speed up the apocalypse (whatever form is takes). so vote harper. then him and bush can fuck us all so royal we have nothing left.
deconstruction means reconstruction.

or maybe we could invite him to dinner and put the yellow ooze from aloe plants in his soup.

nah nah nah.. sean you're silly!
Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 14, 2004
putting the yellow ooze from aloe in his soup is just a silly thing to do..
it would only succeed in making his soup more delicious AND nutricious...

so if you are inviting him over for dinner could i suggest something more appropriate?

i would suggest some sort of neuro-toxin that would leave Harper unable to express himself verbally... so his mind would be intact but whenever he tried to express an opinion... or back-up the opinions of his horrible minions... nothing would come out but things like:

"Purple monkey dishwasher!"

"My mom tied my shoes today!"

"Glurb ral Glub purr"

"Saddam = Number ONE!!!!!!" (while posing with his hand held high in the air... creating a 'V' symbol with his index and middle fingers)

it would be great....
and a similar neuro-toxin has already been tried on a limited basis during the election of the new ontario premeir... some of Ernie's staffers tested it with wonderous results...
i'm sure you all remember this one:

"He's an evil reptilian kitten eater from another planet"


I heart
Posted by Miguel on Jun 15, 2004
the conservatives.

They are going to add 50 billion dollars to our budget in like 5 years all while cutting taxes and eliminating "corporate welfare".

If you elect my Miguelist party to parliament, I will put the moon in lake ontario and bring in untold billions of tourist dollars to canada from people all around the world who would want to see it.

I will also make everyone feel "awesome": there will be minute by minute polls of everyone in canada to determine how they are feeling. If at any point a person is feeling less than "AWESOME", an elite Ottawa squadron of hot brazilian models with buckets of cocaine will drive up in a hummer limo and will personaly instill high levels of awesometivity into the respondent.

Also, a vote for any of the other parties means that terrorism wins. NEVAR FORGET.

The Moon
Posted by phduffy on Jun 15, 2004
Miguel, that is a great idea.
Making promises when you have no chance of forming the gov is a cool idea.
Of course, you run into promises once you're actually elected.
As Stephen Harper is about to find out.

In all seriousness, the debate is tonight and you should all watch it.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 15, 2004
dude the last debate totally sucked...
the one that took place last saturday or sunday..(can't remember)
i couldn't even understand what the candidates were saying..

first of all you had the shouting and interrupting that plagues these sort of debates (unless you have a really good moderator)...
second of all it was almost like they were speaking another language or something.. some people were trying to tell me it was french.. but it sure sounded like gay to me..

those freaks...
where do they get off speaking another language in our country?
goddam immigrants can go back where they came from...

and i'd like to see the moon in the greater toronto area as much as the next guy but you know that the tories have no real plan when it comes to relieving the constant strain our cities our under..

and while the moon would generate a lot of tourist dollars the feds will probably figure out some way to get ahold of that cash.. while the city is left responsible for all the caretaking and monitoring of the moon...

to put it simply...
the feds will collect 80% of the ticket price.. while david miller himself will have to stand on the moon at all times picking up cigarette butts and remaining in a cat-like state of readiness to keep hopped up teens from spraypainting 50 Cent RULEZZZZZZ all over the dark side...


Posted by phduffy on Jun 15, 2004
You missed an important point.

As part of the "Bring the Moon to TO!" plan, the Tories are going to shoot 50 cent, and then turn him into a Cyborg.

And Cyborg 50 cent is going to be responsible for defending the moon from gaphitti and commies.

He'll be a half man, half robot, commie fightin, bitch slappin', moon protectin, bad ass gansta motha fucka.

My conspiracy Theory
Posted by phduffy on Jun 15, 2004
Okay, so right now you need 158 seats to get a majority.

This will be damn hard for the Conservatives since they can't seem to get anything in Quebec.

Right now they look to be heading for about 120 seats. Then they'll work with the Bloc as a minority gov.

Now, what would happen if Quebec left?

Why, there'd only be 233 seats.

Meaning a party would only need 117 seats to form a majority.

Which is right about where the Conservatives are.

Cyborg 50 cent
Posted by kristian on Jun 17, 2004
Would I be able to understand the cyborg 50 cent? Would he have a voice like Robocop? Or would he still talk with a mouth full of marbles, not unlike Marlon Brando, except blacker and with more bullets.