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Forum posts for Most underated Games of all time?

Posted by bryan on May 27, 2004
looks like its just me and you here man...

chrysalis was an awesome game!! i cant remember too much about it though.

Startropics for NES was pretty good. Yo-yo'ing was your attack, how sweet ass is that? I never got to far in that one either... dont know how underrated it was ...

i can't really think of any other underrated games though... my roomate really digs star ocean, an rpg for PS one, i havent had a chance to play it yet.

Posted by phduffy on May 27, 2004
I was thinking about adding StarTropics.

I don't know why I didn't actually.

Oh, here's another one:


Sort of a weird fantasyish action RPG, with towns where you could buy eq and stuff.

Posted by Palmer on May 27, 2004
This is tough...what's most underated signify? Cool games that never made it to the big leagues?

Does Bonk's Adventure count? Only the coolest game for the Turbo Grax 16, but no one knew about it!

Posted by phduffy on May 27, 2004
I was thinking kind of obscure games that are great that people don't know about or have forgotten about.

But really, you can make it mean whatever you want.

Posted by Nerhael on May 28, 2004
StarTropics was a lot of fun actually. I think it got a lot of hype when it came out, but died away pretty fast. Even though it was a great game.

Chrysalis was damn awesome. I actually have that in a box somewhere. Where I'm not sure, I just know it exists somewhere.

Super Bomberman
Posted by bryan on May 28, 2004
i remember getting quite a few hours out of a tasmanian devil game for super nintendo, didnt expect much out of it, but it was worth my rental dollar... also super bomberman for SNES rocked me like a hurricane, especially if you rented the multi tap with it.. 3 friends blowing cartoon space helmetted avatars of each other up with all sorts of wacky bombs = pure chewing satisfaction!

dirt trax fx also got alot of play at my house, but its just cause i happened to really like dirt bikes at the time.

Top 10
Posted by phduffy on Jun 01, 2004
Allright, someone from another board I go to came here, saw this, and posted the top 10 underated NES games.
He told me it's aiight to repost it here.

Mofatt's top 10 underated games!111one1!

10 Underrated NES Games (Starting at number 1)

Mendel Palace
Micro Machines
American Gladiators
Adventures of Lolo
Legends of the Diamond
Swords and Serpents
Balloon Fight

I could probably name 100 more. A few on the list (Startropics, Lolo) are pretty famous, so they might not belong on an underrated list, but they're still really good.

Posted by phduffy on Jun 07, 2004