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Forum posts for O.C. Finale

Posted by phduffy on May 20, 2004
He didn't just take off in his sailboat.
He took off for Thailand!

In his little rinky dinky boat.
You idiot.

And they never proved who's kid it was, the old looking dude just decided to move back to the ghetto cause it might be his kid, and even if it's not his kid he should be there.

screw u
Posted by Ophelia on May 20, 2004
phduffy, I never once said that the kid was Ryan's...I said there was a possiblity it could be his....

Posted by phduffy on May 20, 2004
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you did.

Just that in the episode he moves, even though he's not sure it's his kid!

Posted by Ophelia on May 20, 2004

Posted by cosmicfish on May 23, 2004
that is crazyness! don't you kind of wish you were on the little rinky dink boat with seth though, don't you?

Of Course
Posted by Ophelia on May 23, 2004