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Forum posts for Good Seafood Restaurant

Posted by phduffy on May 19, 2004
I hear Red Lobster is a nice place to go.
Particularly if you want to impress someone.

In Toronto?
Posted by Miguel on May 20, 2004
For Toronto depends how much you want to spend: the best is Chiado, but you will be paying through your nose.

I have heard good things about Starfish and I like Big Daddy's which is also in Ottawa.

A cheap alternative, but which I cannot help you with, is trying a chinese restaurant that specializes in seafood. There are one or two good ones of note. Don't know what they are.

I second
Posted by Katie on May 20, 2004
I think Chiado would probably be out of your price range, only because I have an idea of what your price range is. It's out of all of our ranges I would think, unless you're crazy and want to take your girlfriend out for a super amazing dinner. Anyway, I think it was around $200 for two people with one of their cheaper, but delicious, bottles of wine. Correct me if I'm wrong Miguel, but that is my memory of the night. Entrées around $30-$40.

As for Big Daddy's, they do have a restaurant in Ottawa, on Elgin, so you can check out their menu and prices. Also not "cheap" but about average for seafood. Very good food, with a Louisiana/Cajun twist which is fun.

Another Portuguese restaurant which we haven't tried yet, but have heard good things about is Amadeus. It is much more reasonable, and while I wouldn't call it a "seafood" restaurant, you will have plenty of options from the sea, since that is one of 3 mainstays in the Portuguese diet....the others being pork, and steaks with eggs on top. So weird.

Posted by phduffy on May 20, 2004
Okay, is it strange that a Portuguese restaurant would be called Amadeus?
Am I missing something here?

Posted by phduffy on May 28, 2004
"Think about coffee. In the beginning, there were a bunch of Indians in central America, who sat around drinking a lot of coffee. Well, you know what happened to them, of course. The Spanish conquistadors burned their cities and today if you want to know anything about these people, you have to go to a museum. And, it's because they drank coffee.

Now, you have to realize that at this time, the Spanish had ruled the seas for many years, but the conquistadors brought back this coffee bean from the new world, and it made them weak. A small, piddling band of tea-drinking Englishmen wiped out their entire coffee-soaked armada and set the stage for English naval domination into the beginning of our century.

But, it's not just England we're talking about. All of the great cultures drank tea.... the Moguls who ruled over a unified India (and much of the east) for many centuries? They drank tea. How about the Chinese, who practically invented the concept of culture? You think they'd be caught dead drinking coffee? No way. They drink tea.

When the Revolution comes, you will take tea. Either you will drink it willingly or you will receive it intravenously. Take it from historical precident: if you don't want to be up against the wall when it comes, you will drink tea."

--Scott Dorsey