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Forum posts for Ottawa.

Posted by nszyngie on May 18, 2004
Go to the National Gallery. It is awesome. You don't need ot spend too much time there, 3 hours should be plenty if you just want to gaze, but it is OUR gallery. I saw the Group of Seven exhibit there, and it was sweet.

Skip the Mint. It sucks.

Go to the Market, is defines Ottawa for me. Go in the day, and check out what it is all about, fresh veggies, plants, clothes, people. Then be sure to go back at night and have a hella-good time. The market is the place to be.

The Glebe. You can walk from Rideau Centre is you choose, or tka ethe bus. Kinda like a Bloor West Village. Go to the Padermo store, it has great kitchener stuff.

Take a pic of the Supreme Court building.

Go up the Peace Tower.

Not sure of the times, but take a bus to Hull and go to the Museum of Civilization. It's real sweet too. Be sure to take a pic of the building.

How could I forget
Posted by nszyngie on May 18, 2004
Go to the Heart and the Crown and see what all the fuss is about. It is in the Market. Ask anyone, and you'll find it. Walk to the back and enter the Snug Pub and the cool nestled patio it has. I can't believe I forgot that in the last post.

Posted by weberm1 on May 18, 2004
Thanks for all the ideas.
how is the museum of contemporary photography? it sounds like something i would enjoy.

Posted by nszyngie on May 18, 2004
If this is the place beside Chateau Laurier, it is really small.
I think they have some rotating exhibits. It is right downtown, and I believe it is free, save for a donation or something. But - i was kind of disappointed. Again, it doesn't hurt to walk down to it (on the left side of Chateau Laurier, go down the steps . . .

Posted by phduffy on May 18, 2004
I think you've got some excellent suggestions.

Sparks street is a street that they don't let cars on, it's allright.
You could start there, then walk past the parliament buildings and the Chateau Laurier, then head to the market, they're all pretty close to each other.

You could wander around the market for a couple of hours, then head to the Art Gallery, which is also pretty close.

I also enjoy the Glebe.

What about
Posted by Nerhael on May 18, 2004
That place with the giant margheritas... I don't know that I spelt that correctly.

I know!
Posted by Katie on May 18, 2004
that would be the Blue Cactus.

And unfortunately, I don't recommend any clubs in Ottawa. They suck. If they look decent, you go in and they're incredibly pretentious. Or else they're full of 12 year olds.

Pubbing is the thing to do.

Posted by Nerhael on May 18, 2004
12 is a bit too young perhaps.

But yeah, dump your head into a giant sized margherita. Did I mention they're giant?

I also recommend seeing the fat cats on capital hill. If you see anyone else there, you should go to them and point out how the cats think they're people. And that's why it's funny.

Also, goto the apartment where Duffy stayed, and witness the horrible craziness that was that stairway.

When I was a kid....
Posted by phduffy on May 18, 2004
The Cabin was a decent club in Ottawa.

They have a dance floor upstairs and a sit down area downstairs.

Also, Zaphod's is sort of a weird alternative club. Not too weird though.
You might like it webwerm.

I'm pretty sure Zaphod's is still there, I'm not sure about the Cabin.

Oh Yeah
Posted by phduffy on May 18, 2004
I should just mention that when I lived in Ottawa we weren't allowed to go to Pubs, it was only clubs for us, and we went quite often.

Posted by cosmicfish on May 19, 2004
museum of science and technology, make sure you don't miss the CraZy KitcHEn! - see how crazy