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Forum posts for what are bangs?

Posted by krys on May 17, 2004
that's awesome that you got yourself a job.. a cook? awesome. you best cook us something when you come back.

crazy that you met someone from hanover!

miss ya hun! take care of yourself.

Posted by phduffy on May 17, 2004
Bangs are the front part of your hair that hangs over your forehead.

I know
Posted by cosmicfish on May 18, 2004
.. but three times I have been looked at funny when I say bangs. In Australia apparently they are called 'fringe'. They ask me why do you call them bangs? Do they bang against your forehead or something, ha ha...

I want to know...
Posted by kristian on May 18, 2004
I want to know how "bangs" have come up in conversation three times .

tara who?
Posted by Ophelia on May 18, 2004
...the name seems like it should be familiar....damn, I dont think that I have any old year books from Holy Family to even investigate....did you catch her last name?

Posted by cosmicfish on May 19, 2004
... that is a good question... how have bangs come up so much?
It's taking me a minute... once with a very nice boy named Ryan who quite enjoys talking about his hair, once with a girl named Vivian who I was showing my drivers license to (in which I have little bangs) and the third time is foggy from drinking but I remember exclaiming, 'that's the third time someone laughed at me for saying that'


no, sorry Ophelia, I didn't get her last name... where is my OC update?

Posted by vivian on May 19, 2004
you've replaced me with this new Vivian .. haven't you? HAVEN'T YOUUuuu


Posted by cosmicfish on May 19, 2004
no never, she is not a robot or a ninja or have mad design skills and is not nearly as awesome and hot