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Forum posts for Defining Games of a Genre

Posted by phduffy on May 12, 2004
Okay, this is alot of work, and I was going to do it at at work, however I have been somewhat busy lately.

Adventure The Legend of Zelda, A link to the Past

I sort of think that Adventure has a subcategory that was invented by Metroid and defined by Syphony of the Night, but I'm not sure what to call it.

Fighter Street Fighter 2

I don't think that projectile attacks are what makes a game crappy. What makes a game crappy is having to use a button to block. Or just being Mortal Kombat actually. Street Fighter 2 invented it, and really, it's pretty much the perfect game. Many hours were spent with friends and against ******* Ryu.

Platformer Super Mario 3

So good. Everything about platformers perfected in this game, 15 years ago!

Puzzle Tetris

There were rumours that if you beat level 9 you got to fight a Dragon.

PRG Final Fantasy 1

While Dragon Warrior was great, and I played it alot earlier than FF1 (which I didn't play until Nerhael moved into town and lent it to me), this is the game that really defines what RPGs are about. You got more than one character, and you could upgrade your class halfway through the game.

This section should have 2 sub categories. One for Action RPGs, like Chrysalis and Secret of Mana... okay wait, there's already a tactics section. Nevermind, this only needs one subsection.

Racing Mario Kart

I don't really like racing games, so I'll go with Mario Kart. Any game where you have to break is to complicated for me.

Shooter Goldeneye

This is the first, and pretty much only, shooter that I've enjoyed. (Well Starfox is a shooter, but it's a very different kind). Before this all I remember was games where your only goal was to get the biggest gun (the BFG) and kill everything. This introduced sneaking around and sniping the fuck out of people...
Also, I'm not sure what category it should go into (action?) but Syphon Filter deserves a mention for being fucking sweet! I don't think it defines a genre, but it is damn sweet.

Simulation Sim City

I don't think I really liked this game. I certainly wasn't good at it. But man did I ever play alot of it. Civilization also gets a mention.

Sports - Cartoony Division Mike Tyson's Punch Out

Forget the crap that was NBA Jam or NHL HITZ! (OMG THEY SPELLED IT WITH A ZED! THAT"S SO HARDCORE!!!!)
This is how you integrate fun, sports and real people.

Sports - real life division NHL 93/94

Every NHL game since has tried to live up to their legacy. Think about that.

Strategy - Real Time Warcraft 2

I'm pretty sure that before this not only did Strategy games suck, but in fact all computer games sucked. (Not including C64 games). This game made it so Strategy games could kickass, and led to WC3 and SC, and it also made computer games good!
Although most of them still suck.

Stragey - Turn Based Shining Fucking Force 1 you bitches

No strategy game has approached the awesomeness of this game. It was for the Genesis and yet still the world sings its praise.
And the best part?
It's being re-released.
For the best system on the market.
This summer.
On the GB Fucking A!
I will post a review when I buy it and finish it.

good call
Posted by nszyngie on May 18, 2004
In no particular order:

Street Fighter II Alpha - countless hours and bets have been placed on this game. The original, and still champion. All others try to emulate it wide range of characters, or do something dumb like make an XMen fighting game, but but Street Fighter characters to help kick ass. I used to play this in Beckers when i was 13, and I played this a week ago at York U on a wicked Japenese import aracde console. One hundred Yen!

Gran Turismo
No other sim has come close to perfecting real world driving such as this Sony legend. So don't test. I don't even need ot justify this one, cause you know I am right.

Definitely defined a genre here. All other Bond games have not been able to replicate this masterpiece. It started a revolution, and brought people back together with guns instead of flowers. ??? wtf.

Super Mario
No wait. Screw you.

Sonic the Hedgehog
I ain't givin' in to you bull$hit any more. Sonic was better. You all know it. Could Mario make a dust cloud? Hell no. Was Mario able to spin through loops? Hell no. Sonic hands down.

NHL 93
This sounds about right. I believe this was about this first time they went '3D' with games, and changed it all around upside down and back again. Blades of Steel was fun, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't for everyone. This has my vote - I have it for Genesis.

Pole Position
It had a steering wheel that would spin for hours if you let it. Nuff said. If we didn't get addicted to the tight corners of that game, no one would have dreamed up how to get us inside the vehicle ala Gran Turismo. Pole Position is grrrrrrrrreat.

Sweetness. Untouchable. Beautiful. Mystic. Captivating.
Sequel to come out this fall. Nico.

Command & Conquer
Too cool. The Hand of NOD. Well wicked. Go harvest that Bittrium. Biatch.
The start of things to come.

Posted by phduffy on May 18, 2004
Good call on the command and conquer.

What was/is Ico?

I have never heard of it and am intrigued.

Posted by nszyngie on May 18, 2004
A PS2 release, Ico is a puzzle-type game, with adventure mixed right in. You control Ico, a bot with horns who was stolen from home and imprisoned in a monstrous castle. You find Yorba, a frail girl/ghost entity, and together you elude the dark shadow monsters that lurk in the castle trying to steal Yorba.
It's great because - the rooms are full of grandeur and detail, the rooms are essentially the puzzles. One memorable room contained a large chandellier that you have to jump onto (from above) to get it to fall down so that candles would be accessible so you could light some bombs that would knock the legs of a bridge over so you could get out of the room.
The relationship with Yorba and Ico is neat, because you must leave her sometimes in order to solve the puzzle, but if she wanders too far, she ges lost, and the dark shadow monsters get her. A button it dedicated to calling her name, and provided she is close enough, she comes running back to you to join hands again. It is definitely a challenging game.