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Forum posts for insane tattoo

dragon penis
Posted by bryan on May 04, 2004
that has to be the coolest looking penis i have ever seen.
i am not really the person you want to be impressing with your penis, and most people i know who touch penises wouldnt touch that penis with a ten foot pole.

Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
Yeah, maybe no woman will ever touch it.

But I'll bet that dude touches it all the time.
Wouldn't you?
Swing it around and play Dragon Attack and stuff?

Posted by Nerhael on May 04, 2004
There's something especially ludicrous about a grown man using his tattooed penis as an action figure.

Posted by vivian on Aug 20, 2005
pete: a ton of hits have been coming through to our page through this page, and people have been linking to the uploaded picture of the snake penis, so i removed it from our site.. [we're not allowed to be hosting copyrighted/pornographic pictures.. uhh]

has there been weird activity going on on the wolfshack?

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 22, 2005
Ah, okay, I suppose I could host the image itself if you still have a copy of it. Not sure how that would be taken.

But that's funny. I almost never watch the traffic anymore, so hadn't even noticed, but there's 2 days in august where traffic trippled or more. Saw a few sites generating a fair bit of traffic.

Posted by vivian on Aug 22, 2005
it's probably better for everyone if this image was erased from our minds.

i think i know what happened though, and why we were getting insane traffic on that image; it was posted to someone's livejournal and all the LJ Image generators posted it/other people saw it, reposted it, rinse, and repeat.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 22, 2005
Yeah, I saw a lot of traffic from a few livejournals, though I have no clue what the image generator thing is.