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Forum posts for breath deeply...

Posted by phduffy on May 03, 2004
Of course it's okay to award points to the first person that correctly guesses that you got your nose pierced.

my guess
Posted by Katie on May 03, 2004
isn't laura's nose alraedy pierced? Minus 50 pts for Paul if it is.

I vote for tongue. The aussies love tongue piercings!

Posted by krys on May 03, 2004
tongue is a pretty good guess.....
it's hard to say..
i could see laura piercing her nipple..

laura doesn't already have her nose pierced.. so that could be a possibility too.. i am guessing that she isn't rich.. so it's probably either her nose or her tongue..

***50 points!****
Posted by cosmicfish on May 03, 2004
to krys! it's my nipple, it didn't really hurt that much, i would say even after only a day, the good outways the bad.... ;)

Posted by phduffy on May 03, 2004
She guessed like 4 things!

*patting your hand
Posted by cosmicfish on May 03, 2004
it's okay that you were wrong paul... i was going to get my nose but this way my mom never has to know

Posted by krys on May 03, 2004
i can't believe i was right.
i started having second thoughts.. as you can see with my multiple guesses...

sorry paul. you can have 25 of my points if you want.

are you going to show us laura when you come home?

Posted by phduffy on May 03, 2004
i was going to get my nose but this way my mom never has to know


Blackmail material~

Cosmicfish, you're going to have to be nice to me!

Posted by cosmicfish on May 03, 2004
you can see it if you do a dance for me

and it better be a good dance

don't bother reading if you don't know L
Posted by alltogethernow on May 03, 2004
although i think these posts belong more on a livejournal site and not necessarily the wolfshack… I have been paying close attention to what you have been doing overseas…
and eagerly awaiting every entry…

i finally had to respond because i am confused about a few things…

ok now this may sound mean but as your friend i feel i have to be honest…
first of all I have to say I had my doubts about your English Excursion…

with the constant talk of the last umm.. few months, changing locations, changing goals… I was glad to hear you had finally settled on a location… and pretty soon you were bound for London and a life of working in an internet café and traveling once and awhile…

while I had the utmost confidence in your abilities I had reservations about your performance once you arrived… I think you had lofty ideals about how this trip was supposed to go… and while dreaming is fine you have to realize the realities involved… you talked a good game BUT… I didn’t know if you would be able to stick with it once you hit the ground…

then a bad thing happened,
when you arrived they didn’t give you the job they promised you…
you weren’t very clear on the details BUT it seems that they offered you some sort of alternative, paint some murals…

here is where I was first confused…

so you didn’t get the job you wanted, BUT they were kind enough to offer you an alternative… why wouldn’t you take this alternative? Obviously it wasn’t much money, but couldn’t you live and eat there for free? (as is the norm in such places, I am led to believe after talking to many of my co workers whom have all been overseas) couldn’t you have gotten a different job at the same place?

I mean even washing dishes would have kept you in London for awhile…

wasn’t the point of this trip to work and occasionally take off on trips around Europe?

Wouldn’t taking this month-long job benefit the further goal of traveling?

And Then…

You decide to take off around England for awhile…
Bath and Edinborough I am to assume…
why wouldn’t you secure a job first and take care of this later… ?

it’s just from the sound of things you will soon be out of money.. and be back here in Canada… if the point of this trip was a short vacation then MISSION ACCOMPLISHED (fuck you bush)… but I was under the understanding that this was supposed to be more than a short trip…

I am just a bit disappointed…
I really thought you had it in you this time Laura…

I just can’t understand why you wouldn’t try harder to make this work…
This has been your dream for several months…

Sometimes you have to work shitty jobs for low pay…
I have worked in a chicken processing factory…
as a security guard I had to touch dead bodies…
they both weren’t fun…
but I did it anyhow..
and a lot of people have worked a lot worse…

really Laura what I am trying to say is that You Can Do This… I really believe you can…

get it together.. and get a job.. accomplish your goal… don’t cut and run

Posted by krys on May 03, 2004
i agree..
you have to take those shitty jobs to make the money to do the things you want.
shitty jobs lead to good things.. you can't live off of love and good times.. (i only wish..)

i know you can do it laura.. you made it there!!

a livejournal site would be a good idea. good thinking.

no worries
Posted by cosmicfish on May 04, 2004
i'm sorry, i should have clarified that i'm going to look for a job in edinbrough, as soon as i get there. i've applied for some already online.

they did offer me an okay deal but the guys who did it were dicks and i don't want to work for their company. jobs come pretty easily for people who want to work in hostels according to everyone i've been talking to here. lots of people here work at other pubs and cafes and just stay at the hostel. i may have fucked myself by rejecting their offer but i wasn't drunk when i did it and i'll deal with the concequences even if it means eating very little and taking the bus instead of the train... etc.

if i want to stay longer i have to go somewhere else because london is the most expensive place to stay in the uk. also, i could have stuck it out had the position still been mine when i got here but i'll be much happier in a smaller, greener city.

so no worries, after the first bit of shock wore off, i'm determined to make a go of it.

i could write these entries in the form of poems so they go better on the wolfshack? i don't have the money/time to make a livejournal account.

Posted by Katie on May 04, 2004
Edinburgh is awesome. Full stop.

on a side note, perhaps people should lay off a little, and let others live their lives as they see fit. I'm not sure when alltogethernow became Laura's father, but I think it was a little much to rant on her without even finding out her side of the story.

Plus it's really none of your business.

Posted by cosmicfish on May 04, 2004
thanks for everyone's input/encouragment. it is for your opinions and the fact you speak them that i love you guys.

i know i am a little too optimistic about things some times and VERY indesicive. but i like to think i am also quite adaptable. i have many contingency plans:

ie. if i can't find a job and run out of money and end up back in canada, i will work on a new demo reel and apply for animation jobs here in the uk to take full advantage of my visa

i was horribley lonely for the first week but have made some friends and if i can do it here i can do it in other places as well. if you ever need clarification about what i'm doing, just ask, like you did. :)

Posted by krys on May 04, 2004
cosmicfish. i loves ya.
i know you can and will do whatever you want.
nipple pierced and all..

i am glad you made some friends..
the best respect you.

livejournal is free.. btw..

Posted by Hatful on May 04, 2004
scotland is so beautiful so i hear.. green-tastic..
would be a great place to live..
not just anyone could get up and haul ass to another continent and set up there. it's so awsome that you've done it.
i know you can find what you are want and/or need.
best of luck.