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Forum posts for Help is needed

Posted by phduffy on Apr 30, 2004
Booze, porn or cigarettes!

You can be the cool uncle that gives him all the awesome stuff!

What's that? He's too young for that?


Okay. Buy him 50 shares of Nortel, for use when he turns 18. By then, he'll either have a ton of cash, or nothing. And it's a cool story about how they flamed out!

Posted by cosmicfish on May 01, 2004
get him something that is colourful and makes stupid noises, but the battery will never run out. then it will stimulate his little mind and your sister will want to kill you

Gift Idea
Posted by MDuffy on May 03, 2004
Ok here are a few great gift ideas 'Bag O Glass' can be a great gift for anyone under the age of 12. I think they also sell 'Bag of Oily Rags' as well. Happy funball can give a child hours of fun. Another great idea is a pet rock. It would not cost you much but would give a kid hours of fun for many years.