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Forum posts for stupid prat

Posted by krys on Apr 30, 2004
i see you on the webcam!
or what looks like you... maybe it's just cause i miss ya :>
that's fantastic..

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 30, 2004
This would work better perhaps if we knew what colour shit you were wearing, to be more sure that people that 'could' be you, 'are' you.

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004

jessie and i have been watching this bar cam for like the last hour.. for real... waiting for this chick, who is possibly you, to turn the fuck around.. hehe..

this side shot is the best so far..

please confirm if that is you.. [we don't really see bangs on the chick.. but maybe.. just maybe.......]

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
i just noticed that there is a ad on the side of this webpage.

"London Dating" ? London Cougars?

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 30, 2004
That's the same person I thought might be you.

Answer us damnit!

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
ok... so it's been 30 minutes since the first picture.. the girl got up and went to get another beer... the first shot looks like laura.. a little bit:

but the second shot of her face... where are the bangs?

this is not laura.. :(

maybe... we'll keep watching.

[ps: we're unemployed.. we've got nothing better to do.]

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 30, 2004
You two...might have too much time on your hands. :)

You should come over next week and see kittens!!!!! And the crazy mother's flying attack dogs face technique.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 30, 2004
This woman looks like she has a purse...does laura carry a purse?

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
we noticed the woman had a purse too.. we were thinking that maybe laura went and bought one while she was there... they are handy.. maybe... just maybe..

i have never seen a kitten in real life... only on the tee vee.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 30, 2004
That's not Laura.

a) She's in London, a purse would cost as much as a new bike does here

b) Laura is much hotter than that.

,,hbn x
Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
maybe she bought the purse before she left? or it was a gift or something.. jessie and i think it might be her side bag? possibly.

this girl may be wearing a Canadian Flag tshirt: check this out

i wish i had taken a better screen capture.

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
if you zoom in real close on the girl's face, it looks like she might have tiny tiny bangs.. like laura......... or maybe it is just blurred pixels... *sigh.

also, i know laura has a tshirt with a canadian flag on it... .. .. though i think it might've been black.... and white... not grey and blue... . .. . .we're really stretching it here... .. .. it's been exactly one hour since we took that first screen shot.. and who knows how long we were watching before that................

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 30, 2004
what in gods name is that second picture of???? I can't make any sense of it.

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
and like that.. she was gone

this is the final shot of this girl.. i'm hoping it really was laura..
because if it wasn't.. jessie and i just wasted an hour and a half of our lives stalking this random woman... one day she is going to find this site and these pictures and she will freak the fuck out.

Posted by vivian on Apr 30, 2004
that blurry pic is a zoom of the design [possibly the Canadian flag] on the tshirt... so a zoom of the boobs.

Posted by krys on Apr 30, 2004
the girl i thought was laura looked different..
the bar is much to crowded now..

laura needs to pick a time and wear a certain shirt so that we can all watch her.. do.. things..


Posted by cosmicfish on May 01, 2004
i was looking at the webcam from work to see if the people i was supposed to hang out with were there, but something is amiss, and then i read.... that is the belushis in camden, not southwark where i am. so no, that wasn't me. but i am so touched that you all wondered about it for so long.

tomorrow some people are going to camden market so maybe we will go to the belushis there [staff discount for drinks], if that is the case i will post what time to look and what i'll wear.

no i don't have a purse. i don't think they are that expensive, a pair of chuck taylors here are £20, which with the exchange rate is the same as they charge in canada.

i miss you guys. xxx

Posted by cosmicfish on May 01, 2004
it is not even in camden, it's in shepards bush!!! i probably won't go there, i'm leaving london next wednesday for edinburgh...

british tv is crap