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Forum posts for Laura in the UK

later that day...
Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 25, 2004
So I went to Portobello Road/Market. It is very pretty, lots of lovely jewelrey and cool clothes and sexy people. Kind of like Kensington Market only bigger, more classy and smells nicer.

Then I went to the park. I was reading for a bit and then was talking to these French guys who had £2 in their pocket and that's all, when a man with a snake comes along to say hello. There is a Taiwanese girl with him who he says needs to practice her English so would we like to walk with them over to the gardens where Diana used to go? Why not? So we walk over there and I talk to the girl and the guy with the snake is making dirty jokes to everyone he sees and it is quite hilarious. He asked me what I'm doing here so I tell him painting a hostel.
Then he says I should come back to his place and paint a picture of him, he is famous, didn't I recognise him?
Oh yeah? Of course I will come back to your house with you crazy strange man. I am clearly a gullible dumb ass.
Then he showed me his ID and said he was the guy in Snatch who fought Brad Pitt. He was also in Lock, Stock .... I thanked him for showing me his snake and we all parted ways.
I looked him up on the IMDB and found the profile but not the picture. His last name is David. If anyone does know of a picture of him, can you send me the link so I can satisfy my curiosity.... just in case?