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Forum posts for Sunshine Boy!

Posted by Miguel on Apr 21, 2004

I never went to Sacred Heart, but now I wish I had.....he's dreamy!

Posted by weberm1 on Apr 21, 2004
I guess he also worked at Zellers, so some of you may remember him from there.
He is pretty dreamy.
How does one become the sunshine boy anyway? What exactly are the requirements for such a thing?

Posted by Numinous on Apr 21, 2004
hell if you only have to look pretty...
strip me down, paint a "C" on my chest and call me Sunshine.

since you asked....
Posted by kris on Apr 22, 2004
My best friend was a Sunshine Boy last year. Actually, come to think of it, it was around the same time.

Anyhow, he was asked by one of the photographers from the Sun. He tried to pick her up in a bar downtown, and she rejected him because he was too young. They ended up talking for a bit and she told him that she wanted him to be a Sunshine Boy. He gave her his number and a week later he got a call from her to book his photo shoot.

Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 22, 2004
oh mark, mark, mark...