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Forum posts for Help me out... residents of Ontario

Posted by phduffy on Apr 19, 2004
What type of stuff are you looking for?

Like, are they taking pictures of things with a disposable camera?
And are you looking for touristy stuff, like the parliament buildings, or mroe regular stuff, like a certain bar, intersection, etc?

I don't know how much help I can be (I don't even know where Perth is), but I might have some suggestions for Ottawa.

Oh yeah, how long are they going to have in each place?

Posted by Miguel on Apr 19, 2004
I trust these students are going to be supervized at all times? After the Much Music incident, I would be worried...did you ever hear back from them?

I will be adding things later

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 19, 2004
i am looking for more non-touristy stuff...
the touristy stuff will already be covered by the city..
or by my own arrangement.. but since the students will be in each town overnight.. we want to keep them entertained...

like certain intersections.. or bars and shit that would be of interest...
you know ... like a scavenger hunt.. get a picture of this, go to this place, find this, etc etc.. their only transportation will be by public transit.. and yes the students will be in groups of 10 with one teacher.. so supervision will not be a problem.. (well it shouldn't be one)..

remember almost all the students are 2nd or 3rd year university students.. some older professionals.. and a few.. around 19 or 20.. so things like bars and stuff are free game..

for example:
go to (that bar in the market) that sells giant margaritas... take a picture of your group enjoying said margaritas... blah blah..

they will have not disposable cameras but digital ones..
so i can review the tasks for points ...
don't worry about Perth too much.. it is amazingly small and the town is putting on some good stuff for us..
but Peterborough, Ottawa and Montreal are the real ones.. Ottawa is really good for your guys since a bunch of you lived there temporarily.. at some point or another..

anything would be good.. the more suggestions i get the better


Posted by phduffy on Apr 19, 2004
Do you know what days and nights they'll be in Ottawa?
I have an idea, but I need to know the dates.

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 19, 2004
They will be arriving in ottawa on the 26th of May probably mid-afternoon... (which is a wednesday)... and departing on the 27th of May sometime after noon..

Posted by Katie on Apr 19, 2004
The place that sells the giant margaritas is called Blue Cactus.

That's about all I have time for right now, sorry.

Maybe in Peterborough, you should have them do something at the University? There is also a lot of rowing (as in competitive) that goes on there, so maybe they should get a picture of at least one group member in a skull? Those things are mighty tippy.

Posted by Palmer on Apr 19, 2004
As for Ottawa, I've asked a few people if they have their old pub crawl scavenger hunt lists from University...there may be a few good ideas there...

If it's all about pictures, you should get some random ones like 'Get a picture with the oldest gentleman in the Heart and Crown bar'....if you want to a little more Canadiana, you can ask how many flags can be seen from the peace tower and provide proof. There's a map within the Peace tower that actually shows where you can see the flags...get a picture of the map and you're gold.

You can also ask them to find the hottest hot sauce in town (which is at Chilly Chiles on Sussex downtown)'s under lock and key and everything!

I really don't know what else you're looking for...I can think of dumb stuff for them to do, or non-dumb stuff such as the Flags.

great great...
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 19, 2004
this is good stuff so far..

you are on the right track.. nice work katie and palmer...

i want the students to know what ottawa is like.. what canada is like.. not just the same old tourist shit..

these are great so far.. keep them coming..

For Montreal
Posted by Miguel on Apr 19, 2004
Obviously go with some poutine or smoked meat sandwich idea....they would have to get some, or have a picture of them eating it. If its smoked meat, it can only be from one of the two essential places to get it.

Also, get a brochure from LaRonde or actually go into LaRonde, which is Montreal's Wonderland. Or get coasters from Club SuperSex.

Posted by vivian on Apr 20, 2004
miguel stole my one and only suggestion of Club SuperSex in montreal ... though that wasn't the one i went to when i was there a few years ago... there is that stripclub with male dancers.. i can't remember the name of it..

based on the reaction of the foreign kids when iain took his shirt off during ping pong pang, they'd get quite a kick of seeing naked men walk around with flaccid cocks...

ps trevor: build your own damn schedule..! haha.. kidding.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 22, 2004
I was just going to see what band was playing at the Heart and Crown that night, and say your thing should be to get your picture with the band.

I was there on the weekend, and it's a pretty white place. I don't know if your friends would care about that. It is in the market though, so you could have them go there for the pic, and then they could leave and go to a club or something if that's what they're into.

A picture of a mountie.

Palmer's stuff is all better.
I will let him handle it.

oh oh oh!!!
Posted by Katie on Apr 22, 2004
I thought of a new one for Peterborough. They should have to get a picture of a boat going through the lock. That could be easy if they're there at the right time, or hard if there are no boats going through that day.

Or be even more specific, like a picture of a sailboat, or a tanker etc etc.

Posted by krys on Apr 23, 2004
I don't think I have ever seen a boat goind through the locks in peterborough.. so that would be difficult..
There is a popular college bar Sin City, or the Zoo that is downtown.. Even more difficult is Trent University it's in the middle of fucking no where.. Extra points for finding it..
There is a rock climbing place..
I will think on it more..
If you are interested in any of these let me know..
Peterborough is really not that exciting..

if you want, you know that the recreation students at sir sandford fleming.. (if there are any summer students) would plan something for you.. i know they would have made us...

i have some contacts.. let me know..
OH! there is a canoe musuem!!! that's a good one.. again i can give you more information..

i am done now.

Posted by Katie on Apr 26, 2004
scavenger hunt = challenge.

take a picture of the lock - 10 points
take a picture of a boat in the lock - 10 bonus points (you could get around this by putting a plastic boat in the water)
take a picture of a sailboat in the lock - 50 bonus points.

And boats are much more likely to go through in the summer, when all the cottagers travel through the lock system. But perhaps the locks in peterborough are now defunct? I am not sure.