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Forum posts for Blame Canada!

Posted by mike on Apr 15, 2004
Here is something for John Walters to consider:

75% of all facts are made up on the spot. 99% of these facts make no sense. 13.7% of people know that.

Dumbass. I agree wholeheartedly on the credibility gap thing.

nice mike...
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 15, 2004
i don't care about someone's opinion on pot .. as long as it is reasonably based in what i like to call 'reality'

pot shenanigans
Posted by bryan on Apr 17, 2004
expect any current american government official to have views grounded in "reality" and your already expecting too much. Remember the next time you are offered pot to "just say no". as for CNN, and virtually every major american news outlet:

a) aren't publicly accountable.
b) report anything the pentagon or white house says as fact
c) are owned by large corporations, and therefore represent the views of large corporations.

does anyone remember the story of those two FOX reporters that got canned for trying to run a story about Bovine Growth Hormone?

fair and balanced my ass.

Maybe for those 120,000 pot related emergency room cases, the people had laced pot, or said they were on pot because they didnt think it would be as bad as saying what they were really on. Still. those cases plus "injury from pot shenanigans" cases probably wouldnt add up to a number that high.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 19, 2004
What I find funny is that Canadians think CNN is some sort of US propoganda machine, while I've read blog entries and forum posts by Americans where they say that CNN is very anti-Bush and even anti American. It's weird how people can see something and get such different viewpoints.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 19, 2004
Those people who call CNN anti-american are the ones who love Fox News, and as such should be ignored. CNN is usually alright, but can be very status quo and non-challenging.

For example, recently there was an announcement from Al-Qaeda where they mentioned a possible truce and bunch of other jibber-jabber. In that announcement was a specific mention of Halliburton, Cheney's former company as a great beneficiary of the war on Iraq...virtually every single outlet I saw mentioned this but CNN, where there was no sign of the Halliburton mention...why?