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Forum posts for I need your help!

Posted by Katie on Apr 10, 2004
*St. Laurence Market - food, crafts, veggies, people, the "Toronto" backbacon sandwich, etc.
*use T.O. Tix for half price tickets to tons of shows that are running that day, including Medieval Times, whatever is playing at the New Yorker theatre etc etc.
*Centre Island
*Sailing/boating from one of the marinas on the lakeshore
*visiting the beaches....perhaps trying out some beach volleyball

I'll keep thinking and let you know if I have any good ideas. This is all off the top of my head.

Canada's Wonderland???

C'est tout!

Posted by phduffy on Apr 15, 2004
Please, I need your help!

If everyone that visits this website posts just 3 thigns that they like to do in TO, we'll be set!


These people
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 15, 2004
Where are they from?

Might help us pick things that they might be interested in, or at the least that are very different from what they can do at home.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 15, 2004
is where they're from.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 15, 2004
Toronto Island would be good then I think.
The Zoo?
Art Gallery of Ontario?
High Park
Steamwhistle Brewery.
Kensington Market
China Town
Little Italy
Some misc exposition on while they're here?

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 15, 2004
i wouldn't send them to toronto at all...
the 'cultural rot' could set in very quickly

Posted by phduffy on Apr 15, 2004
I'm not sending them anywhere.
They've decided to take a vacation in Toronto.

I figured you must have some good ideas, what with all the visitors to Toronto you know.

3 things
Posted by mike on Apr 15, 2004
I like to do in Toronto:

-laugh about shit

hope that's helpful. heh.

Come on Mike...
Posted by Miguel on Apr 15, 2004
That doesn't help anybody!

While in Toronto, I enjoy a watching a spirited round of Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade near Trevor's soon to be vacated apartment.

I also enjoy watching the modern dance stylings at the Brass Rail, and I further enjoy lying about it to my girlfriend and getting caught by leaving a receipt for said establishment on her bedroom floor.

I enjoy a nice walk to Vice or Suspect in order to pick up my latest issue of Vice magazine in the beggining of every month.

While in Toronto, I enjoy watching the Raptors on T.V....actually I don't anymore.

I always wanted to go watch Kung Fu Fridays at Royal Cinema on college.....but i never have.

I also like taking the streetcar and laughing at/with the crazies. (why are the streetcar crazies always worse than the subway crazies?).

I heart Toronto.

Come on Miguel...
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 15, 2004
I enjoy waking up early on a Saturday morning and buying some danishes from La Maison de Croissant (the best i've ever had... the best in Toronto if you are to believe the owners of this fine establishment) getting green and playing some video games...

I enjoy the view from Toronto Island ($7), and the CN Tower ($24)...

I enjoy the insanity of glass blowing/reggae music/art gallery that is the harbourfront centre in summer...

I enjoy getting retardedly cheap Korean food, drinking heavily and good old one shot, you can't set the glass down till it's empty Soju...

I enjoy the amazing collections of the AGO (free every Wednesday) and ROM (free every Friday)...

I enjoy walking through Chinatown on the way to Anime XTREME, early, before the fish have had a chance to rot... (go to Chinatown EVERYTHING is retardedly cheap)

I enjoy Kensington Market, with it's variety of shops, and Weed friendly bars... vintage and designer clothing, fresh fruit, japanese goods, or delicious Dim Sum or Pho...

I enjoy Nathan Phillips Square (always something going on during a summer weekend).. and that crazy UFO we call City Hall...

I enjoy OHL hockey, the players are young and hungry .. they play soooo damn hard.. it makes ME tired ($10 - $12 although not an option in the summer)...

I enjoy a G&T along with some great Jazz at the Rex, and the Senator...

I personally DON'T enjoy musicals but everyone else seems to love them, the mirvishes are always hosting a bunch.. ($25-$100)

There are about a billion things to do in this town.. just about anything to suit your tastes.. all you have to do is look around.. is the best resource you can possibly find.. just send them there.. they can browse events by date.. check it out..

I like this game!
Posted by Miguel on Apr 15, 2004

I enjoy a nice pint of hoegarden and some amazing Nachos at Hair of the Dog

I enjoy walking around the distillery district and trying the best chocolate in town at Soma's, try their mayan hot chocolate shot, its mystical.

I enjoy Toronto's patios in the summer, with my favorite being the bamboo, but now I hear that the Drake Hotel's patio is going to destroy all monsters comers

I enjoy Toronto's neighbourhoods immensely! St.Clairs italian and latin american stores, Roncesvalle's antiques and Mitzis Sister (Lamb Burger? GODDAMN!!!), Lakeshore's polish bakeries and caribbean joints.

I enjoy the little independent Art Galleries strewn about Queen St. West and I heart the exhibitions at the Toronto Design Exchange, especially the Japanese doll one I went to with Vivian.

I love Chiado and Churrasco chicken, Chiado because it shows me that Portuguese cuisine can be amongst the finest in the world, and churrasco because it takes me home. Its amazing that I can get all the little things that remind me of Portugal in Toronto.

Its amazing the my girlfriend and I saw an amazing play with about 15 other people, and I felt like we were in another world.

I enjoy sharing my Toronto with all my friend's, who in turn share their favorite parts with me. Alltogether for the Korean food and Sky sushi, domo arigato gozaimasu!

Posted by phduffy on Apr 16, 2004

I'm going to send him an email on Monday, so if you have any other ideas between now and then let me know.

Also, neither he nor myself has any idea how close any of these things are to each other. If you felt really ambitious and wanted to make some sort of agenda it would be appreciated.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 16, 2004
No, he can make his own damn agenda.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 16, 2004
Just askign, cause he's from Saskatchewan and has no idea how far things are from each other, howl ong thigns will take, etc.
he won't have a car, they'll be subwaying around, so I thought it might be nice to give some timelines.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 16, 2004
You're a capable man, you know where most of these places are, or can look them up, which is what we'd have to do really.

Why don't you write up an agenda?

Posted by phduffy on Apr 16, 2004
Also, neither he nor myself has any idea how close any of these things are to each other.

I don't know where any of these places are.

Don't worry about it, I didn't mean to hassle you guys about it.

hear me now.. understand me later
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 16, 2004
huh... who is this guy.. ?

did he save your life as a child?
you really have a hard-on for helping this dude out...
i mean it's nice to help people.. but really.. we're not travel agents

perhaps i didn't make myself clear...

really check my advice..
it can tell you the following:

1 - things to do in toronto for the Pacific dates these people will be in town...

2 - where these events, the landmarks and tourist attractions, neighbourhoods, etc.. are located, and how to get to them...

3 - a quick reference with the maps and the TTC rideguide found at can quickly inform you as to the best routes to be taking... and the relative distance between them.. if you are taking the subway somewhere, almost anywhere can be reached in approx 30 - 45 mins...

4 - good hotels and what areas the hotels can be found, special package deals for toronto... restaurants all of these with user ratings that can give you an idea what each of these places has to offer...

blarg blarg blarg.. whatever you need to know...

if they aren't coming here till june or whatever then they should have loads of time to browse the shit out of that website...

Posted by phduffy on Apr 16, 2004
I'm 100% sure that they have already checked, and I"m sure they'll be checking it again. They're going to try to find a hotel near a subway but not downtown, so they can save money.

I didn't realize how long it would take to figure this out. Sorry.

The reason he asked me is because he thought I might be able to give him some ideas on what's worthwhile and what's not.

ie, will have tons of stuff. Some of it will be good, some of it won't. That sort of thing.

Anyways, don't worry about it. I just thought I'd help him out, and I'm sure that some of the stuff we have so far will be a good start.

i don't know
Posted by Miguel on Apr 16, 2004
if the season's over, but dude seems like a sports fan, and the Toronto Rock are supposed to be a ton of fun, something worth checking out.

Also: Casa Loma and Medieval Times are two cheesy but lovable options.

Katie and Trevor had some great suggestions.

Good Point..
Posted by phduffy on Apr 16, 2004
I'll get him to check into the Rock...
yeah, he's from a baseball board..
I have to figure out which seats at the Skydome are the good ones.

the internet holds all your answers
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 16, 2004

i reccomend 1st baseline it was nice... and tickets aren't retarded.. like $35 .... 114, 113A

easy as baked goods

Posted by phduffy on Apr 16, 2004
I think I'm going to investigate some of the other options.
I think that the $20 outfield seats are also supposed to be good.

And some of the $9 seats are supposed to be good. It depends what section you're in.

I'm going to an Expos game in July and i was able to get great seats in the 100 level for 20 bucks. But apparently some of the $20 seats aren't that great. You sort of have to know the place.

Depends how much you want to spend I guess.
For the Expos game, you can get box seats for 30 bucks, and VIP seats, which are close, cushy seats, for 40 bucks.

Which is nice.