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Forum posts for What's the stupidest thing you used to believe?

mean sister
Posted by jessie on Apr 07, 2004
when I was about 6 or 7 my sister got a bunch of cellaphane from school, and told me if I touched it I would burn myself. I believed this for a long time....

Acid != Hot Water
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 07, 2004
When I first saw Robocop as a kid, the part where the guy get's this vat of acid dropped on him and his skin all melts off? Well...I thought it was just really hot water.

So for a few years thought that if water were hot enough, it would melt my skin off.

not the bread!
Posted by weberm1 on Apr 07, 2004
when i was really little, and seeing all of those commercials for girlie yeast infections, i used to think that's what would happen if i ate too much bread.

child melissa = stupid.

yeah i'm still dumb
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 07, 2004
my mom used to tell me things were poisonous...

NOT things that were actually poisonous, but things that she just didn't want me to eat..

the centre of almost all fruits
the rind of almost all fruits
many types of plants
really all sorts of shit..

now of course you wouldn't benefit greatly by eating the rind of a pineapple.. but neither is it poisonous...

so for a long time i was quite afraid of being poisoned by just about anything remotely organic and edible...

not really all my fault..
it was my mom who taught me...
but once i started reading natural science books i found that what she had said was not correct at all.. i've never said anything about it..
i'll save it for the next visit home i guess.. lol

good times...

Tooth Fairy
Posted by MDuffy on Apr 07, 2004
The Tooth Fairy.

Stupidest thing ever.

Has anyone ever seen the best of Eddie Murphy SNL?
On one skit he is playing the tooth fairy and getting
interviewed... sooo funny!

Old Peoples
Posted by bryan on Apr 08, 2004
for a while when i was around 5 i thought that Europe was where all old people came from, and that you had to be old to be in europe... like a gigantic nursing home for our planet.

not really a thought, but I also wanted to be an exterminator because i liked killing mosquitoes and houseflies...

Posted by Katie on Apr 08, 2004
well, it's not what I believed. But when I was little my two sisters and myself managed to convince another one of our sisters that she was bought at the second hand store by my parents.

I think that traumatized her a little. Perhaps for life.

This adopted type thing
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 08, 2004
Is it me, or was it semi common for a sibling to tell another sibling that they were adopted?

How many of you were told that, or told it to another sibling?

Posted by weberm1 on Apr 08, 2004
yeah, i was told i was adopted when i was a child. apparently my brother and sister had be going for quite some time. but i didn't mention it to my parents until i saw some movie with an adopted child in it, to which i said "that's just like me, right?"
they assured me i was not adopted, though sometimes now i wish i were.

Posted by Beth on Apr 08, 2004
The worst day of my life was the day my parents brought home my brother from the hospital. I was perfectly happy being the centre of attention. And I made sure my parents knew I hated the little brat! I think I spent the first 6 years of his life telling him he was adopted and that we could take him back at any time.... all this to make him cry and run away and leave me alone.

Ahhh, so much fun. :)

Posted by kristian on Apr 08, 2004
Most of you had siblings that told you you were adopted, well I have a father with a very sick sense of humour, and he used to tell me I was adopted...I can remember telling a techer I was adopted and her laughing at me because it was quite obvious that my brother and I are realated, and we both look identical to my mom.

He also used to tell me stories to get me to behave. He would say..."it's not too late, the orphanage is still open" and I truly believed he would drop me off at the orphanage if I didn't behave. They also told me that when I was bad they would sit me on the stove, and when my brother was bad, they would put him in a pot of boiling water. Apparently that lie blew up in their face when my mom had me on her hip at a friends place when I was a toddler, and she set me down on the wood stove (that she had checked to make sure was not on). I freaked out and cried "I'm not bad, Mommy", which I'm sure did not look so good to her friend.

For the record, my parents were great and never actually did any of the things they lied to me about.

My mom also caught me eating rabbit poo once, I thought they were raisins.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 08, 2004

Once I had a beautiful black bunny when I was, oh....lets say 3 years old. I thought the black bunny was dirty, so I washed him in a tub full of bleach my mom had set out for the laundry.

No more bunnies for me.

Posted by kris on Apr 09, 2004
My mother made me watch the discovery channel one day. They were showing the Miracle of Life. Funny thing is, she didn't let me see the whole thing. She only let me watch what happened after sex. And so, for the longest time, I beleived that the sperm crawled through the bed and entered the mommy's tummy through the belly button.

Hmmm....the adopted thing....
Well, I told my younger brother that he was adopted, and he went crying to my older brother. The two of them decided to get me back so they concocted a story about my mother having sex with the mail man, and that I was really just a bastard child that she didn't want.

Posted by vivian on Apr 10, 2004 didn't actually BLEACH a bunny, did you?? :(

oh ya
Posted by Katie on Apr 10, 2004
I don' t know if this counts as believing something stupid but.....

when I was little I was convinced that I was born into the wrong life and that I was really meant to be either

a) an indian (as in native american) princess. Do they really have those? I don't think so. But that is what my life was really supposed to be. And not present day either, but in like the 1600's.

b) a noblewoman from the 1500's. I thought that I was meant to wear those crazy dresses that weigh about a thousand pounds and couldn't understand why I had been born into a boring life in Ontario.

And yes, Miguel did actually bleach a bunny. It died.

Posted by Mona on Apr 11, 2004
Okay, Paul said post it...
I used to get SO ticked off every year when I was a kid because
I WAS THE OLDEST DAMMIT !!!! So, why did my little brother have his birthday in March, before mine, in April. NO FAIR ... I'm the oldest, my
birthday shouldda been first !!!
This really used to bug me. Maybe that's why my brother has disowned his whole family. Who knows?

Posted by vivian on Apr 13, 2004
i used to have this complex theory [i named it the "warehouse theory"] that the world revolved around me.. everyone in my life was an actor [which is why i'd see "repeats" all the time, like random people in the streets that i would see in a variety of locations repeatedly, but never the same place] and when they weren't 'acting' for me [teachers teaching, doctors "doctoring" etc] they were waiting for their cue in a warehouse... the only places that existed were the room i was in, and of course, the warehouse. i once tried to make my brother convince me it wasn't true... he couldn't.. whatever he said, i'd tell him "that is what THEY are making you say!"

this 'warehouse theory' still hasn't been disproved.

also, i used to believe that i would be kill myself when i turned thirty.. because after that, really, what's the point?

Oh poor Vivian
Posted by phduffy on Apr 13, 2004
Vivian Vivian Vivian. Silly Vivian.

It's not a warehouse.

Don't you get it? Everyone but you is a Vampire!


They made up the part about Vampires being afraid of the sunlight to confuse me into thinking that they weren't vampires.

But I'm onto you.

Although, it may only be the women in the world that are vampires.
Or everyone could be aliens.

I'm still researching it.