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Forum posts for Top 10 NES games of all time!

Posted by Palmer on Apr 07, 2004
10. Micro Machines - head to head racing on tables full of household items? COOL!
9. Castlevania 3 - I was a big fan of Castlevania 4, but since that's not on this system, we have to give the predecessor the credit. The ability to become different characters including a vampire (awww yeah!) made this game kickass. I never really got into Castlevania 2 and I'm kind of glad they went back to the side scroller action kind of game (which led up to the greatest SNES game of all time...Castlevania 4. That's my plug for the day).
8. Ninja Turtles 2 - Ninja Turtles was an alright game but when the second one came out (which was based on the arcade game) it blew the other one away!
7. StarTropics - This was a pretty cool game although I only rented a few times.
6. Super Spike V'Ball - Everyone has to remember the glowing fist which preceded the SUPER SPIKE! Awesome V'Ball game which I believe was the first to take advantage of the four player control deck (Four Score?)
5. Mega Man 3 - Let's be honest...other than the original (because of lack of passwords...), all the Mega Mans kicked serious ass. 3 is my fave because it had the cool storyline about Mega Man's bro.
4. Battletoads - This looked like a stupid game at first but turned out be a great one! My only gripe with it was the fact that you could hit your partner (sorry about that one buddy!) and the fact that it was freaking hard! Like Ninja Gaiden hard...
3. Ninja Gaiden 2 - The original was impossible. I think i eventually beat it with the Game Genie. However, I had the 2 one down so that I could beat it under an hour. It was amazing...I remember one summer waking up every morning just to beat NG2. ;-)
2. Dragon Warrior 4 - All the Dragon Warriors were great (although the first one is kind of lame nowadays...I'll never play it again) but I remember I loved this series so much that I bought an SNES to play DW5 which never got released on that platform. Anyhow, my sentiments echo Duffy's on this one.
1. Super Mario Bros. 3 - Nuff said.

Honourary Mention - Dr. Mario - I hated these kind of games when I was a kid, but see the amusement in them now.

Dr. mario

Posted by phduffy on Apr 07, 2004
Super Spike V Ball was pretty cool....

But if I'm going to pick an unconventional sports game, I'm picking Super Dodge Ball!
Now, this game was a little on the easy side... but it was oh so fun.

I disagree on Battletoads.
Way too much hype for a mediocre game.
I don't have a problem with games being challenging, but they shouldn't be impossible to finish without a cheat, and shouldn't be stupid about how hard they were. (Think of the speed racer level on Battletoads. There's no way you can do that without dying your first time through, since you couldn't see where you were going!)

Castlevania 3 was pretty cool. I actually owned it. And I have to admit, I only ever finished it using passwords that would take you to the end. I couldn't get it from start to finish.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 07, 2004
nsyngie, if you're out there, do you want to do the Sega one?

If not, I'll do it, but it'll be a pretty incomplete list. I've probably only ever played 10 sega games...

Posted by Palmer on Apr 07, 2004
Battletoads was insane. I did beat it once without cheats but must have been in some sugar-induced coma state.

And yes...those speed levels were insane. Theoretically you could get through it in one shot. Realistically...that's bullshit. I must have died more times on that level than any other level in the history of vid games.

However, I lvoed the fact that there were a slew of *different* levels out there....the speed ones, the descending the chasm was neat.


I'm out for Sega...never played that one. I was a Nintendo kid.

Gotta be quick
Posted by Miguel on Apr 07, 2004

10. Karnov

You are a fat russian circus strongman/elite warrior. I got this game without a manual and there are a conservative 300 different power ups you can get, most of which did apparently nothing except make you glow. One of them did turn Karnov into an angel, and he could fly and hope to ascend into heaven, leaving the merciless war against fat statues to the pixelated ground below.

9. Times of Lore

No one...but absolutely no one knows about this game. Its basically an RPG where you could choose 3 classes that I have never ever seen before: Valkyrie, Barbarian and Knight! WTF? Its not good in any way, but it definitely belongs in any top ten ever made for any system or type of entertainment....shit, I would even put in in my top ten cheap eats in Toronto list. Why? Because in a game that was more than a decade older than Grand Theft Auto, you could actually run up to any innocent villager/maiden in the towns and brain them on the spot with your axe! Here you are supposed to be the big hero and protector, but you could make any town into a spooky ghost town by killing them all. I actually couldn't finish the game because during the Great Miguel Massacre of 91, I finished off a priest who needed to give me something....oh well.

8.Blaster Master

I was so safe and comfortable in my little vehicle, those fucking aliens couldnt touch me as I zoomed along and BLASTED their semi-sentient asses! But wait...whats this? I have to get out and open the gate? No way am I leaving my tank!....Blaster Master is pure concentrated awesometivity!

7.Double Dragon 2

Thats one chain whipping and one helicopter spinkick....I just booted you down the goddamn building boy! Double Dragon 2 was made in the 80's a time when guys with bouffant haircuts could just wander through dangerous neighbourhoods and use 3 different moves to inflict much punishment on girlfriend kidnapping hooligans.

6. Super Mario Brothers 2

I actually enjoyed this game! Its no Mario 3, but you know a game is a winnah when you can jump from an ostrich into a flying carpet while holding a turnip. And you can play as toad. I know Japanese can't really smoke indo, so how do they make such fucked up games?

5. Gauntlet

The intro music to this game is still playing in my head...after 14 years, I still can't GET IT OUT! Technically, a game you cannot beat should not be in the top ten, as most good games should at least give you chance to finish them. But Gauntlet was much more than a game....its a metaphorical analogy on life: time is running out no matter how much meat you eat, and to truly survive the dungeon that is our life, you need to be a strong manly warrior, not a girl, not a rickety old wizard and certainly not a gay elf. BONUS! Gauntlet was one of the first games to have digitized sounds, which means you could hear vaguely pornographic moans when the heroes ate food or died...

4. Ninja Gaiden

Unlike Gauntlet, Ninja Gaiden could conceivably be finished....its just that no pasty Westerner has ever been able to. But this game had some of the coolest, most delicious cinematics ever, especially the intro with the two Ninjas squaring off. And I loved the sound the hero made when he did his swordflip attack CHUNKWOOOOOOSH! But this game, like many others featured absurdly strong this day I loathe them.

3. Bionic Commando

You have a prehensile bionic arm, you fight future nazis and the end boss is a cryogenically thawed Super Hitler. Number 3 on the all times best NES list.

2. Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest

The game that made me want to finally realize my dream of whipping people at night. Blending the geeky charm of the RPG with the jockish appeal of a side scrolling action game, Castlevania 2 was a runner up in the Nobel physics prize, and an awesome game for fans of confusing and hilarious dialogue.

1. Super Mario Brothers 3

There has never ever been a game quite like this one. No matter how much the technology advances, in 1990 Nintendo released the perfect game and that was that. You could make Mario climb into a comfy little green sock and mash baby piranha plants, or you could make him eat a leaf to turn into a flying raccoon or he could climb into the beautiful tanooki suit and transform into a incredibly useless statue. And of course, you could join the FUCKING HAMMER BROTHERS GANG! It doesn't matter that you could never ever keep any of the suits for more than half a stage, they were still awesome. Even the frog one

Maybe not the frog one

Metal Man kicks ass
Posted by MDuffy on Apr 07, 2004
OOOOO metal man was the best. His weapon dominated all.

In no order here are some kick ass games
A game you have all forgotten is Bubble Bobble!
Blades of steel,
ninja gaiden,
battle toads,
super dodge ball.
Super Tecmo Bowl (sweetest hail mary passes in any football game)
The Zelda games
Double Dragon

Any 2 player NES game can be turned into a drinking game.

man I could go on all day there are so many great NES games.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 08, 2004
What happened to my pretty pictures?

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 08, 2004
I don't know what's up there....the one works from moby games...but all the other ones don't. They do exist though if you try to go to them by themselves...

Good work
Posted by phduffy on Apr 08, 2004
Nice lists guys.

Only one problem.

Miguel, you put Gauntlet on your list.
You must have got confused and thought you were making the top 10 worst NES games of all time. NP, just tell us what game was supposed to be there.

The thing is
Posted by Miguel on Apr 08, 2004
They were working yesterday. In fact this morning.....its just now theyve gone down. Maybe the host site changed all the pics?