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Forum posts for The Tao of Steve

Posted by phduffy on Apr 06, 2004
Not really related to this, but kind of brought on by this and the LIT discussion.

Here are 3 romantic comedies that don't suck.
In fact, they're quite good.

1: About a Boy
Despite having all the pretense of sucktitude (a kid and Hugh Fucking Grant) this movie is tremendous.

2: Chasing Amy
I guess I should say something about this. Um... don't watch it with your parents.

3: Ghost World
Another tremenexcellent movie. Which means it doesn't suck.

Ghost world
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 06, 2004
Would you really categorize that as a romantic comedy though?

About a boy is good. I think it's actually very, very good.

Chasing Amy I can't remember too well. I think I fell asleep when I rerented it not that long ago due to being too tired, not bored so much.

I agree
Posted by Miguel on Apr 06, 2004
I don't really see Ghost World as a Romantic Comedy.

It has a relationship in it, but I certainly didn't see it as the focal driving point of the movie, and there is so much more going on in Ghost World than just Steve Buscemi and Thora Birch doing it.

But you are dead on with Chasing Amy and About a Boy, both are great.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 06, 2004
I think Ghost World is a romantic comedy.

There is so much more going on in Thora Birch and Steve Buscemi's relationship then the two of them doing it.

I think it's a very unconventional romantic comedy, but that's part of what makes it good.

I can understand not seeing it as a romantic comedy though.

Posted by cosmicfish on Apr 06, 2004
Does Lost In Translation count as a romantic comedy?

If yes then Harold & Maude is a good one.

Punch Drunk Love too...

Yes cosmic
Posted by Miguel on Apr 06, 2004
To me, both LIT and Punch Drunk Love are romantic comedies while Ghost World is not.


Because in both the movies you mentioned, the relationship between the characters is the focal point of the movie, everything else revolves around the fact that these two people are in love (in LIT theres pretty much nothing else going on besides the story of two people falling in love). In Ghost World, I would argue that the two girls friendship or even maybe just the setting and atmosphere of the movie, filled with a CUHRAZY secondary cast is whats the focal point of the cast, with the Buscemi/Birch relationship being an important, but not primal consideration.

So, not a romantic comedy per say.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 06, 2004
I can also certainly see how people could think that GW is a romantic comedy. Its certainly open to debate, unlike say....the awesomeness of Lost In Translation.

JOKE JOKE JOKE, lets not go down this path again.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 06, 2004
I was going to say that Ghost World is more of a romantic comedy than Lost in Translation, but that doesn't really make sense.

Personally, I don't consider Lost in Translation a romantic comedy, but lots and lots of folks do.

Lost In Translation is my version of your Amber.

Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 06, 2004
ok but here's the thing..

i like amber AND lost in translation...

what's my amber??


Posted by phduffy on Apr 07, 2004
I don't know.

Just start listing off thigns that you think suck.
Especially if they're popular.

When you get to your thing that sucks that is actually awesome we'll let you know.
Then we'll call you dumb, and you'll have yoru Amber.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 09, 2004
This was great, I can't wait for part 3!

Posted by phduffy on Nov 03, 2004
Harry Potter's your Amber dude.